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happy? holidays

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I like gifts.

I like shopping for gifts, then wrapping it, and mostly seeing the reaction of the people I give the gifts to. This year I don't think I will have the pleasure. Of seeing them see my gifts anyway.

Its really hard to choose a gift for anyone. Mostly its because I am on a tight budget. I still have no gift for my boyfriend, but he understands that. I will buy a gift from him for myself instead. Hmm.. I'm not counting the stuff I already bought as gift from him. :p

Too bad I don't have a big 13th month pay this year. I bet I will have much MORE fun shopping for gifts.

I've been working and sleeping and eating and shopping this last few weeks that I don't have time to update my blog anymore. I don't even think I will have time to celebrate the holidays, as I am not sure if I will have work or not next week. Maybe I'll just sleep the week off. Who knows?


Here's a pic from our company Christmas party. I was almost tempted to upload them all but unfortunately I am not on all the pics.
Anyways the girl with her hair down is usually like that..she doesn't want her picture taken.


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I think I have been blogging less and less lately. Mainly its because for some reason blogger doesn't work in the office. I may be online everyday but I don't get to sign in and post a blog. There are other ways though, so its mainly laziness. Hahaha. What else is new? I'm always lazy.

Anyway I want to share a few stuff. I am addicted to Mystery Case Files. Hahahaha. I especially like Ravenhearst because of its intricate puzzles to open doors and stuff. I'm already missing it since my friend who visited (and brought her über nice laptop) is now back to bicol. How I wish I can afford to have the PC at home fixed. How much is a memory card this days? i really don't know how to fix hardware stuff so (once again) I feel to lazy to ask anyone about repairing it.

Speaking of repairs, our TV is now broken. Kaput. doesn't work. I miss watching J.D...hay.. We still haven't decided if we will buy a new one or just have this one fixed. Anyway it had serviced us for I guess 3 years? I even remember the day my engineer housemates took it home. Now that was a funny story. Tell it to ya later, my phone's ringing, and its my beau. Got to go. :)

a year back.

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i saw this picture on my friend's multiply account. She works at the c-cube right now and maybe she wanted to let me know this pic is still there. Hahaha. This is my only commendation posted on the wall.


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so much has happened. for some reason i can't access blogger in our office although i'm online most of the time. where shall i start?
ador never showed up. In the last message i received from him he said he want to know what my bank account number is so he can repay me my money. yeah right.
what else what else? oh i don't know. some of us are making some drastic moves just to make sure he will never do it to anyone again. i don't know how they plan to prevent him though.
enough about that guy, i don't care. I believe karma is a strong force. I actually pity him for doing what he did. He must be really desperate.

Alphabet Tag

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I was tagged by Ideapinkrose. Sorry if I was late..was busy lately.

Instructions: Each player starts with 7 random habits/facts about themselves. People who are tagged need to write on their own blog about their seven things, as well as these rules. At the end of your blog, you need to choose 7 people to get tagged and list their names. Don't forget to leave them a comment telling them that they have been tagged and to read your blog!

1. I love reading
2. I hate Ador Mawanay.
3. I like gadgets.
4. I hate myself for being duped.
5. I want to live in Canada for good
6. B.A. Comparative Literature
7. Major in cutting classes. haha!

A - Age: 25

B - Band Listening To Right Now: none

C - Career: Call Center Agent. is it a career?

D - Drink or Smoke: both.

E - Easiest Friends To Talk To: harvey and my friends

G - Gummy Bears or Gummy Worms: i like pochi pochi better

H - Have a Boyfriend: yeah he's name is Harvey

I - In love: with him

J - Junk Food You Like: Potato Chips

K - Kids: none yet.

L - Longest Ride Ever: bicol to manila. haha

N - Names For Your Future Kids: Vader.hehe and oh..leia

O - One Wish You Have Now: be with Harvey always

P - Phobias: afraid of fire, hot air balloons and dogs.

Q - Favorite Quote: "I have never let my schooling interfere with my education."
- Mark Twain

R - Reasons To Smile: My boyfriend loves me so much.

S - Sleeping Hours: lately? 8 am

T - Time You Woke Up: Hmm..7 pm

U - Unknown Fact About You: i'm really secretive

V - Vegetable You Hate: pechay. haha

W - Worst Habit: i procrastinate

X - X-rays You've Had: at least 4?

Y - Yummy Foods: pasta

Z - Zodiac Sign: Leo

I'm tagging peachy, and wencel


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Ooops.. I hid the article I wrote yesterday. I have to.
Update..early this morning I received a lot of text messages from him.

guys sori naharang ako kahpn ngyn lng ako ni release. wag kau umals ng has nio idlvr k 2day ung mga ordr nio. agen my apologys.

binubuyo ksi n ****** n nanloloko n daw ako at tnakbok n daw un cel at pera nakakapagtaka nga eh. pckge k dyn (sa office) eh 22,000 plus 2,500 allowance. pag interasan ko ba ung tg 500 n dwn. hahay ang kikitd ksi ng utak ng iba wala k pa gnagwa me husga na.

eh nakidnap ako kahapn muntk n nga patayn eh. at nasa news naman ung nangyari sa makati.

That was 9 am this morning. He said his driver is going to deliver it at 10 am and he was on his way to our officemate's house. At this moment I am still waiting for him. Should I wait or not?

a friday to remember

Today is a really memorable day. I'm sorry about the people who died and were injured in the Glorietta bombing. It was also memorable for my monster batchmates. I really feel bad about what happened in Makati but I already feel bad about someone right now. Yesterday i mentioned this certain witness who happened to be my batchmate in training. he told us he sells cellphone as installment and all we have to do is give him our address and his 'people' will just do a character check on us just to know if we will be able to pay. what he was selling was smuggled goods that he got from customs. imagine getting an n73 music edition for 8 thousand pesos. how much is it being sold in the market? i guess 13 thousand would be a fair price right? so of course a lot of people grabbed the chance. he was also selling a toshiba satellite a100 laptop for 25K and macbook for the same price. He was asking for a deposit. On wednesday 3 of my co-trainees gave their Motorola L6 as their bond. Some gave cash, 1,000 each. some gave 500 per unit. some waited until he will deliver those units he promised. He came home early on Thursday saying that he will get the items. My officemates who gave money/phones waited for 2 hours for nothing. He didn't went back, but he texted them saying he will bring them tomorrow. Friday, he texted me saying that there are only 2 n73 units left, he sold all of them and he needed a deposit on his bank account so he could bring mine to work. I ordered 2, because I told my housemate Kiko about it. So i did pay, thinking that the people who waited yesterday might have gotten theirs (I left early, I didnt wait up for them to get their phones the day before) and guess what happens next? he didn't come. We waited until 9 today, and again, he didn't come. Until 5 pm he was still texting, saying he is still delivering the items to his buyers. When we went on break at 6 we tried calling him but his phone was turned off. We thought maybe his phone died since he was texting all of us earlier that day. Obviously he didn't show up again that's why I'm writing this blog. I'm still giving him 24 hours to text me. I hope he will deliver what he said. Or at least show up. I am afraid for him. My co-trainees know people who know people. Well, i'm not angry at him, I'm angry at myself more. I've been had.


update 05/23/10

since most viewers of my blog only view this page, i really think until now he is out victimizing other call centers. last i heard, it was Sutherland in Camsur. and that now he is in Cebu.

my gahd! the HR in my previous work(where this scheming sob scammed us) said they will put out a warning for HRs in other call centers not to hire him. I guess they didn't. anyone who passed through this page are already victims. Unfortunately, no one can provide proof.

If you're reading this Ed/Jay/Ador/Angelo, gujab! darating din ang panahong magkakamali ka. :)


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ever been to they do have great customer support, even if technically, job seekers are not customers. try calling their line and ask for a tuna sandwich. i'm damn sure they will entertain your call and even help you get your order.

thats what i've learned today. sorry if i have been awfully quiet but i was spending my week being trained by monsters. lol.

one of my co-trainees was a celebrity. my seatmate said, that guy looks awfully familiar. I said, who, the guy with the long chin? my seatmate said she saw him on TV, like he was a sort of witness before. I jokingly said, who, from kuratong baleleng controversy? turned out that I was right. he was, and again, a witness about a graft case. a song was even composed with him in the lyrics. now he's a call center agent.

what else what else..oh our TV is broken, and i don't have money to have it fixed yet. maybe i'll just buy this new myphone so i can watch from it? it just costs 7 thousand bucks from the same guy i mentioned above. anyone interested?


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so much and so little has happened this month.

i took a sabbatical from everything. oh well almost everything. i didn't blog and go to work for 10 days now. why? because (drum rolls please) i'm once again too lazy to work burned out.

i'm doing better. i've found new tv shows to watch. one of them is bones - its about a seemingly unfeeling and rational anthropologist who can do what CSIs can - by just using bones as the main source of evidence. another amusing new show i have is psych. Its about a detail minded guy who seems to have 100x magnified eyes. Lol. kidding. The lead character is a charmer, a joker and likes to add theatrics when solving a crime because he pretends he's a psychic.

oh and did i told you? i have the season 6 of scrubs. saving it for last. :)

dancing for a cause

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Last Tuesday, our company had a small wasn't that small. Just every employee in the company. There was games and contests and food..and booze..Hehe. One of the highlights was a dance contest for every shift. There was a cash prize of 3,500 pesos for the winning team, and so the PM shift I belonged to decided to join and choreograph a dance so they'll win. Almost all the boys joined in, and it was decided that they will dance a la drag queens showgirls.

They have all agreed that all the proceeds will be given to Wowie, a coworker who had been sick for a month now - and is undergoing dialysis. They wanted to contribute something for his medical expenses. They even hired a choreographer for the event. Now watch the video and tell me, are they guys or gays?

The judges were overwhelmed by the performance that they decided to award them 10 thousand pesos. They were so happy some even cried when they were told about the prize. Who knows, something that started as a joke turned out successfully?

waiting for fall

"'No man is a complete mystery except to himself.'Marcel Proust."

I couldn't shake that quote off my mind. Just watched CSI last night again. I'm running out of new TV shows to watch, so I just watched the first 3 seasons of CSI. That was something Grissom said to Lady Heather. I really think she is the best character CSI came up with. She's the perfect match for Grissom.

I can't wait to see what will happen to Sara Sidle. Was she killed by the miniature killer, or is she just waiting helplessly while the CSI team looks for her. There were too many rumors that Jorja Fox didn't renew contract blah blah blah, but it may be publicity..right?

Oh well. I hope sara dies. or at least Grissom will realize that he doesn't love her. I know a lot wont agree with me. But i really think Grissom and Lady Heather are perfect for each other.

how about some popcorns?

Kiko, my housemate bought another DVD last wednesday. This time it was a Jackie Chan movie collection. I was controlling my urge to watch Scrubs again, so I tried watching a few.

I started off with Shanghai Noon, with Jackie as a chinese imperial guard and Owen Wilson as the sweet talking outlaw. I think I've watched this when it came out in 2000. Mind you, I have very little patience with watching a movie but with this I was able to finish it with minimum fast forwards. (Yeah I skip the fight scenes.) I'm just curious, is it somehow a parody of Wyatt Earp's life?

Then I watched Around the World in 80 Days after that. The movie skipped on its own, so I didn't really know how the story developed. But I like the way Steve Coogan acted as Phileas Fogg. I think he looks handsome..or maybe he just reminded him of someone I know.

Speaking of Around the World in 80 days, I think this was the second book I got interested in. I know the first one was Secret Garden. I think it was because my cousin was reading it for a book review and the cover looked so cute to pass up. Anyway back to Mr. Verne's book, it was the first time I encountered the word timetable. I remember imagining Phileas taking out his a folding table everywhere he went. Hahaha.

Anyway after I finished those two movies, guess what I watched? Right. Scrubs.

My sixth TT

Thirteen Things I dislike

  1. Hot air balloons.
  2. Sirens.
  3. Wrong grammar / misspelled words.
  4. Presumptuous/Pushy people.
  5. Lying.
  6. Sleeping without drinking coffee.
  7. Forwarded messages
  8. Listening to songs i like over the radio.
  9. Chitchats, small talk and other social niceties.
  10. Mandy Moore and Jennifer Love Hewitt.
  11. Strong women..especially chinese strong women. (dont ask me why)
  12. Leftover foods.
  13. Politics.

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how can i? everytime i'm home i put the [scrubs] dvd on and watch it again and again. when i'm in the office i read and dig everything about him. hayyyy..


A friend sent me pics she took way back in June. Better late than never. :) We went to xaymaca to watch Brownman Revival live. I wasn't sober anymore, had my 3 beers, so I approached Dino and asked him to have his picture taken with him, and I also asked him if they will be in Canada in August (never knew what happened.)


"Sometimes if all you have is old words, all you can do is put together and hope they say something new" - J.D.

How i wish im sarcastic. scrubs is full of it. oh my god I'm always talking about scrubs. whats wrong with me? i can't even write a post without mentioning them.

I'm going crazy. u wanna know why? Let me give you a run down of my recent activities online.
  1. read scrubs script.
  2. ogled at zach braff's pictures. (ohhh he's so cute!)
  3. pretended i'm a blonde girl with a big rack when in fact my belly's bigger than my boobs.
  4. looked for friends' pictures on friendster.
  5. mmm..added more books to my shelfari..good thing I wrote down 50 something books with titles and ISBNs on a notebook when I was bored the other day.
Is there anything else I can do other than this? I'm so bored. But at least there's zach.
I'm an addict. and i think i need my fix now. got to go, need to read scrubs quote some more.


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I swear this is my favorite word. And my favorite mood. Too bad emoticons don't have an icon for it.
I declared yesterday a wallowing day. It was the perfect day for it. It was raining but not too much to cause flood inside our house. I didn't go to work. I just solved crossword puzzles, watch scrubs and eat. I felt so good I almost didn't come to work today.
What's happening to me? I think I'm going crazy. Again.
Good thing I already bought season 1-5 of Scrubs. Go-lee! I've watched it several times repeatedly and I still can't get enough of it. I got my housemate Kiko to watch it too. He borrowed the same DVDs before but he didn't watch it - just kept it somewhere and that was the first time I watched it. In fact its the reason my blog title is toilet epiphany. I saw Hiro again. Now I remember where I've seen him before. He was franklin in the show.
Damn I'm digressing again. Basta. I don't want to write anymore. Just read my lalab's blog. He's the only person keeping me sane right now.

Janitor: You kiddin'? Oh, man! Just picture yourself, you're standing out here, in the open air, then you sit down and you take stock of your life. I've had some major epiphanies on this old girl. See, you can't do any soul-searching down there on those germ-infested crappers.
J.D.'s Narration: Damn him. He's right.

J.D.'s Narration: I think it's human nature to search for answers.
Turk: Dude. Why is your tux gonna cost four thousand dollars?
J.D.: No reason.

5th TT

Thirteen TV Cartoon Series I love
(There's a lot more, but I didn't include animes and mangas on the list)
  1. The Jetsons - this is the best TV show for me. I love their retro-futuristic look. I love the gadgets and thingamajigs they use.
  2. Tom and Jerry - when I was a kid we have lots of betamax tapes of Tom and Jerry. I think I learned English early because of them.
  3. The Flintstones - another favorite. I like their tools, the cars, the ingenious way modern things are made to look stone age.
  4. Scooby Doo, Where are you! - The sleuthing talents of his friends and Scooby's knack for getting in trouble is some
  5. Bugs Bunny - this rabbit is so cool and shrewd at the same time. I looove the attitude.
  6. The Addams Family - scary but funny. My favorite character is Thing.
  7. Spongebob Squarepants - Love him or hate him. He seems very naive and i find it really endearing. Patrick is also really lovable with his Duh? attitude.
  8. Dora the Explorer - yes, I love watching dora. The first time I saw it on TV i was hooked. Lol im so simple minded I find this show entertaining.
  9. The Simpsons. Clearly one of the best cartoons of all time. Does anyone disagree? hehe.
  10. Happy Tree Friends. Its a 15-minute show on MTV before..I googled it and good thing I found their website. Its not for kids..and its gory. But I still like it.
  11. South Park. Where's kenny? I didn't get to watch too many episodes but I love it.
  12. Daria. This cynical and straightforward teenager was way beyond my league. I remember watching it when I still don't understand much, and she did give me a different perspective. Huh. why am i serious here?
  13. Powerpuff girls. I don't like them that much but I can't think of any other cartoons right now.
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my 'Fun Way to Pick a Career Test' result

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I had so much fun playing this test at OKCupid. Yeah its a dating site, but it used to be Maybe you should take this test too, it was really fun. This was the only game that has interactive flash? embedded on it. It's supposed to be an alternative way to know where you're good at. Here's my score:

Your Score: Pirate

You scored 30% in logic, 20% in hand-eye coordination, 55% in reflexes and 100% in memory!

Ahoy matey! Me sources tell me yer gonna be a pirate!

You performed best in the category of memory. Why your mind must be like a steel trap. A pirate must always remember where they buried their treasure.

Of course a good pirate must also have excellent reflexes. You scored above average in that category as well. You'll have no problem defending yourself against other nasty pirates.

You might be logical, but it's not your greatest strength. That's ok. There's nothing logical about the life you'll lead by stealing great treasures just to bury them for eternity. If anybody tries to tell you otherwise, you can make them walk the plank!

Use the following chart to check out all 24 possible new careers for you.

Link: The Fun Way to Pick a Career Test written by harpoleers2 on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test

bye bye imagestation!

I got loads of pics to upload again, so I opened imagestation to put them in but apparently, they are going out of business. This is what happened when I logged in.

Imagestation is a Sony affiliated website. It was one of the few websites we had access to when I was working for. My officemates and I used to spend hours on the website just looking at pictures of people places food and things. Other than this site, there wasn't anything else to do. Oh yeah, we did have access to Sony Pictures' Games site. But it's not something we can be caught doing while taking in calls.
Since my job required some knowledge about cameras, we had access to some Sony cameras. Lol of course we had to, we were sony digital imaging support. Sometimes during free time we would snap pictures and upload them to imagestation. Or if we have outings or trips we just put it on the site so that all our officemates could see and comment on it. Some actually use it to chat with people outside the office using the comment page.
Hayy..i hate it that this site has to close. I wish when I migrated my pics to shutterfly it included my favorite albums list. But I can't even open my account anymore, saying that my account had been closed. Now I have to use shutterfly. I wish there was an alternative site I could've downloaded my pictures. Oh well.

why visit singapore?

I wanna see Singapore. Why this country? Lemme list down a few things:
  • its just 4 hours away.
  • it costs only 147.44USD for tickets back and forth from tiger airways.
  • i don't need visa to go there.
  • its so near Malaysia and Indonesia I can visit them in a day!
  • my friend Denley promised me he will take care of my food and lodging if I will visit him.
  • there's so many job openings there I could probably take 1 day to submit my resumes to companies.
  • I'd like to try their food - which is a blend of many Asian cuisines.
  • I wanna go and see Sentosa!
  • I want my picture taken with a merlion. Then I'll put it on my friendster. Lol.
  • I just want to see another culture. for a change.
  • I've never been anywhere outside the Philippines. This is the perfect opportunity.
I really should start saving money. And oh, I NEED to get a passport.

game over

I miss playing DoTA. I miss the guys I used to play with. Unfortunately this is the only surviving picture of us playing the game. Yeah I look retarded. I remember the first time I've heard of this game. I was working in c-cubed then, and we were in the office taking in calls. While all the 2000 plus people were busy taking in calls and doing their work, a small window came up in the center of all the computer screens at the same time...It said: 'Dota tayo?' and the only other thing that was on it was a personal computer number. Of course I had no idea what it meant. There was a clamor and everyone asked who sent that message. Turned out the guys from my department were trying to send messages through network. I don't know how its called but we call it don't speak. Anyhoo, that piqued my curiosity. One day as we were all going home, one of my officemates told me that I should join them playing DoTA. I told him I don't know how to play it, and I think I was afraid I might get addicted to it. One of them told me the classic line I can't forget... "Parang Diablo lang yan.."(it's just like diablo.) They all know I spend my breaks at work playing Diablo II in the recreation room, and they knew I'm hooked to that game.
To make the story short, I got addicted to DoTA too. I played with my guy friends 4-8 hours almost daily. You asked me why I don't have any savings? The computer shop we used to play on charges 50 pesos per game.
This addiction went on for so many months. We found a new computer shop that charges half that amount. We even organized 'tournaments.' There were many of us playing that we had to divide into two games. I miss the way we play the game. Its competitive but we're just having fun at the same time. We trash talk,shout and drive our enemy team but there was never any fights no hard feelings. It was really fun. Then while playing we would eat 'power lunch' - which was 2 franks, 2 fried eggs and 2 cups of rice. And drink lots of c2. Then we would order in nearby KFC.
Work usually starts at 8pm. I usually chose the 4 am sched so I can join them afterwards. Some of our managers knew about our habits an
d are wary of our lates and absences. Some of their girlfriends usually calls me when one of them went missing. Even if its a rest day, we would still go to Katipunan Ave. to play. During typhoon Milenyo, they actually went there thinking they could ride out the storm - they ended up stuck along the Katipunan Ave for hours while it was raining and there wasn't any taxi around. Good thing I wasn't there that time.
After months of playing we just lost the drive to play. One was forced to resign. Soon 4 of them followed. Then another went to the US. We realized we must be better off buying things with our salary than spending most of it for the game. I guess it never was the same when we were all there. Hay, i miss playing with them.

I miss omar, kit, van, raz, gie, ryce, cons, fritz, jam, ivan, jopo, gino, labehead, patrick, ruthie, barry, erwin, and all the dota heroes.
Thinking about it, I don't miss the game, i miss the players.


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Thirteen Things about DEEGEE


  1. Beatles.
  2. Goo goo dolls. They used to be four too.
  3. Coldplay.
  4. Foo fighters.
  5. Eraserheads
  6. The Corrs
  7. The Cranberries
  8. Red Hot Chili Peppers
  9. Limp Bizkit
  10. Staind
  11. No doubt
  12. Black Eyed Peas
  13. Live

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looking back...a meme

**I can't find anything to write about today. I got this in friendster, again.

If you were born before 1993, then this survey should be easy for you to fill out!
If your not... dont even bother,you'll just be confused!

What year were you born in?
-- 1982

What backstreet boys were you when you were young?
-- huh? what kind of question is this?

Backstreet boys or NSYNC?
-- i'm more of a Moffatt fan, thank you.

Did you watch S Club 7?
-- i didn't know they were a show.

What was your favorite, Sandlot or Little Rascals?
-- liltte rascals.

Did you ever have light up sneakers?
-- i didn't..when they came out I was more into maryjanes and loafers

What was your favorite thing about recess?
-- eating, and socializing

Cinderella or Snow White?
-- no thanks

Did you wake up really early just to watch cartoons on Saturday morning?
--not really.

What was your favorite holiday?
-- summer vacation, so I could really watch stuff on TV all day and go to QC to spend the summer with my cousins.

Did you ever try to stay up on Christmas just so you could see Santa?
-- of course I did.

What grade did you like the best?
-- Grade 5 I think. It was when I had my first puppy sorta love. hihi.

Ninja Turtle or Power Rangers?
-- i was not a fan of both. I'd rather watch Richie Rich or The Jetsons.

What Power Ranger were you?
-- please see above answer

Did you ever own a chinese jump rope?
-- we used braided rubber bands as chinese garter

What was your favorite thing to eat?
-- whammo's

What was your favorite color?
-- back then? i think it was red.

Barney or Sesame street?
-- again, i didn't grew up with them.

Do you ever miss being a little kid?
-- yeah i do

Do you wish you were older?
-- when I was young? yes. now? i wish i was younger.

What was your first pets name?
-- I wasn't really into pets too.

Who was your best friend in kindergarten?
-- girl named Andrea, who's now in Canada and we still keep in touch.

Are you still friends with the person you were best friends with in the 3rd grade?
-- i think we quarreled how the name jane was spelled. so no.

Where did you live when you were 9?
-- bicol.

What was your all time favorite movie?
-- willy wonka and the chocolate factory.

Which did you like 'Are You Afraid Of The Dark' or 'AHH! Real Monsters?
-- are you afraid of the dark

Did you watch Rockos Modern Life?
-- whats that?

Who was your favorite character in Doug?
-- i have to google this first. still no idea.

Did you ever want to watch slime time live?
-- do i have to reiterate?

Have you ever wondered what the "slime" was actually made of?
-- duh?

Who was your favorite Rugrat?
-- again, not a fan

Did you own pogs?
-- I did, and I found them useless.

what about a tamagochi?
-- i did hav one, but it died on me :(
-- None.haha.bawal.

im 3eb*

Lately im not really in the mood to write anything more than a few sentences. I even think I'm having delusions. I've been watching The Ghost Whisperer for several days now and it eerily resembles what my psychic boyfriend has been telling me about Ghosts and what lays beyond.
I get into crying fits while watching the dead person say goodbye to their living family. The story somehow seems stupid at times, the main character is someone I'm not really into.

Yeah I don't like Jennifer Love Hewitt that much. Maybe it's because she dated John Mayer. Oh not that. But I didn't like her acting in If Only. True, true, the story was good, but why does it have to have a production number at the end?

To be perfectly honest, I don't like her because she has big boobs even if she's thin. Wahaha. I saw a comment at imdb that called the TV series Breast Whisperer. Wahaha again. I wish you have imdb accounts so u can see their comments. Anyways she pulls off a decent job in the TV show even if she says cliché the lines like, 'you need to cross over' 'you have to walk to the light now' and the ghosts reply 'wow i see (insert name of dead relative here.)'

My housemate said the other day that in the show's opening credits where it shows to headless coated figure with wings actually has heads, but only people with third eye can see it (see pic above.) I tried looking for this info anywhere but it seems Kiko's had me again. Did you see anything in the picture?

My boyfriend says if you spend too much time with a person who has third eye, some of it will rub off with you. So that's why my 3rd eye is still blind. Oh and did I mention I wear glasses for my other two?

my third thursday thirteen

Thirteen Foreign TV Shows I really LOVE

  1. Scrubs. It is a sitcom, but somehow they manage to inflict lessons about friendship, morality and anything about life. I'm not a film student nor i pretend to be, but the way the cameras are used is really unique and amazing. It's what got me hooked to watching sitcoms and tv series.
  2. Crime Scene Investigation. Do I need to explain? The original is still the best. I got addicted to the show I think this is the reason I stopped working before. haha.\
  3. CSI: NY. It follows, right? I loved CSI, so I love CSI NY too. Oh and did I mention I really like Eddie Cahill. Yeah, I guess I keep repeating that.
  4. Heroes. When I first saw it at the DVD store I thought it was corny since I'm not really a fan of fantasy flicks like xmen and such. One boring night though, I watched the 3rd episode on RPN-9 with my housemate, Kiko. After watching it he decided to buy the DVD right then and there.
  5. Numb3rs. Cute little Professor Eppes and Fleindhart always saves the day. They make math and physics sound so easy. I just hope Fleindhart will come back to the show soon after going to the moon (or to 24.)
  6. House MD. I've encountered so many sarcastic people in TV shows but he really holds the crown for being adorably annoying. I'm sad that his 3 protégés left the show. I'm hoping to see more diversity in characters again. I got this website that shows his quips and quotes. really fun.
  7. Full House. Yes, its only a season, but I really loved the house - which is the main setting and the characters. I could go on and on about the house used, but I suggest you follow the link.
  8. Criminal Minds. Another buy by my housemate Kiko. Its a whodunnit TV series too, this time focusing on criminal profiler to solve crimes.
  9. Kyle XY. I think I already wrote enough about him here.
  10. Princess Hours. Probably the 'cutest' korean TV series there is. It was a hit show here in the Philippines, and I guess on youtube too.
  11. Detective Conan. This cute nosy little detective is my favorite Japanese tv character. The copy I bought contained really good subtitles complete with 'notes' about how these words are used.
  12. Extreme Make Over Home Edition. I'm a frustrated architect cum interior designer - do you see why I love watching homes being wrecked and rebuilt?
  13. I'm tempted to say Grey's Anatomy, but you see, I haven't seen it yet. My sister says its really good, and she told me its storyline. But since this is about what I have seen, then I'll just say Prison Break. Michael Scofield is really gorgeous, isn't he? I just wished the story isn't full of suspense, because I can't work up the courage to finish the entire series yet.

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again, im incoherent.

I finally found someone who expressed intelligibility what i've been trying to say during the drinking session I had with my office buddies weeks before. One of my office buddies, teased me endlessly why I think self-fulfilment is so important before I get married. I told him that once I can say I'm happy with what I am, then I can really find myself committing to someone I love.
Anyway, she is a character in the book by Paulo Coelho, The Zahir. Im almost tempted to quote an entire chapter here just to get my point across. I'm sure its illegal, so let me try to tell you about it instead.
The character - her name is Esther - is married to a celebrity writer. She is asking her husband to let her be a war correspondent. The reason, she says, is her unhappiness despite having everything a woman could want. She gave several examples, like how a 'happy couple' seem happy when they worry about too many things, how accomplished people really wished to be someone else but was forced to be the way they are, without them knowing if its what they want or what others told them they wanted.
So...she goes on and searched for an epiphany why the world is unhappy. Why everyone seems unfulfilled. Or rather, if the world has always been like it is now.
I guess what i'm incoherently trying to say here is that you need to read the novel. I really don't know how to get express my thoughts into words. That's why I leave it to the experts.

urban legends

I'm not a cheerful mood today. I slept so little this morning. I woke up at the sound (or rather vibration) of my cellphone, and it was my boyfriend Harvey calling. He said he's displeased with me. Course I bolted up from and asked him why. He said his mother saw my facebook pictures and was unhappy when she saw my pictures drinking and smoking ciggies. Hmm.. he says it matters to him what his mom thinks so I should remove those pics pronto and stop smoking asap. I wish both have the same level of difficulty of doing. Hayy.
Anyway last night I went to Teepee's party and ate lots of bbq salad and carbonara. Yeah i drank a bottle of san mig light and nothing else. We talked about nothing but starlets and has-beens and Julie Vega and urban legends around her. That's because there was nothing on TV but Walang Tulugan. In all fairness we finished the entire show which lasted for hours. After bashing the show and all there was an unanswered question. I know I've read in a magazine when I was young that Julie Vega's death has somehow paranormal causes. I think the story says she has a suitor of a supernatural specie and wooed her until she joined him. Whatever.
Right now I can't think straight and I'm writing without direction. I found this interesting link that our national hero Rizal is suspected of being the illusive Jack the Ripper. I'm having fun reading the comments between 2 pinoys with different perspectives. Then I stumbled on an article saying that Jack the Ripper was a mason. Hmm. Too much conspiracy theory here. Anyways since i'm not making any sense maybe I should stop writing.

new header

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I don't feel really well lately. If you've noticed, I didn't even write anything other than the meme. I couldn't think of a topic to write about so what I did was edit a picture my friend len took. Can you see me on the header? I'm on the far right, standing. The streak of light was supposed to be red. I blued everything. See, i really don't know how to edit pics using picnik.

Anyways, right after I posted that new header I opened my email and saw an email from Peachy. She sent me several blog headers. Now I'm confused which header to use. Tell me which look better, the old one or this?
or this?

or this?

or this?

lastly, this?

My Friday Feast

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Say there’s a book written about your life. Who would you want to narrate the audio version?

-- zach braff, because he narrates really good in scrubs as dr. john dorian. I love the show and the way Doc JD narrates it.

Take the letters from your favorite kind of nut and write a sentence. (Example: Perhaps every avenue needs understanding today.)

-- Can anyone see how everything's worthless? (hahaha this is fun)

If you could go back in time and spend one week in another decade, which decade would you choose?

-- The 70s. I think it's so cool to be among the beatle fans, the marxists and the hippies.

Main Course
Name a song that brings back memories for you.

-- kanlungan. Its a Filipino song about going back to a place which used to be a 'sanctuary' ( i think thats the best translation for the word) It brings back memories of my college days.

Do you prefer to wash your hands in cold water or warm water?

-- warm water. I can't stand the cold.

My type of guy

Thirteen Things about ME

13 celebrities I really find attractively cute

Writing about kyle today inspired me to do this list. I will not include my boyfriend on the list. He isn't a celebrity, for one, and its given :) Instead, this are celebrities from the Philippines and elsewhere that has/had caught my eye. Can you see the similarities among them??
    1. RicoYan. I know, i know, he's dead. But the fact is, I have this huge crush on him ever since I can remember. I cried buckets when he died. :((
    2. Mickey Perz. The first time I saw him on Pinoy Big Brother speaking German, I got hooked! :)
    3. Eddie Cahill. I can get lost in your eyes. and dimples. I really really adore him. He's the best character in CSI:NY..hehe
    4. Alfred Vargas. He's a real hunk. Looks like a typical tambay, and umm..he kinda reminds me of someone I used to know.
    5. Jerry Yan. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I like Dao Ming Si's looks. He sure do belong here in my list with his cute eyes, dimples and yummy body.
    6. Eminem. Yep, yep yep. This guy is one of the hottest person alive for me. I love his angas looks and those piercing eyes.
    7. Brandon Boyd. Boy, he can sing. and he does have the looks and the body too. I envy my officemate Mic for having seen them in person. And she has the pics to prove it.
    8. Lee Ki-Woo. He's this tall chinky eyed Korean I saw from an excellent Korean movie The Classic. He plays the kind, understanding boyfriend and he really looks cute and awkward at the same time.
    9. Woo-Sung Jung. Yeah, he's Korean. I saw him the other day from a Korean mystery movie The Restless and oh..he's so good looking even if his costume is for a rugged-looking nomad.
    10. Hyun Bin. Another korean I saw from a movie I watched..I think the title was A Millionaire's First Love. This guy looks so ugly when frowning but really cute when he's smiling.
    11. Umm..add Matt Dallas to the list. He's adorably cute too.
    12. The Rock. If you can smell what the rock is cooking?! I loved his act back when he was in the WWF.
    13. Hugh Jackman. How can i forget wolverine? He's so ruggedly handsome, he almost didn't made my list since this is just for the cutest guys I know.

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meet kyle

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I was über bored yesterday. I didn't go out, didn't watch any DVDs and didn't have anything to do. I tried reading Teach Yourself German but I fell asleep. I forgot to watch Kyle XY which I've been trying to faithfully follow on TV.
Speaking of which, I really like that show, its so fresh and different from the crime dramas I have been watching as of late. The tv show's star, Matt Dallas, is 24 but he looks so innocently cute that he really pulls off acting like a newborn 16 year old clone.
I heard the show's a hit in the US. I've seen lots of very good comments about it from imdb. Personally I watched the pilot run on RPN 9 because I was looking for another kind of TV show. I found it here. Maybe I like the kind of shows where the protagonist narrates the story in first person. Im not the kinda writer who can do good reviews, I'll leave it to the pros. I just think you should see the show, when Kyle smiles he looks so sweet and innocent.

acting up.

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I was blog hopping the other day and I got interested in one particular blog. Anyone who can write a nine-word cinquain with a different kinda portrait can join. To my surprise my entry got accepted! :) Thanks wencel for the picture..Hihi.

I should be adding links again right now, but something's wrong with my blogger. I seem to be getting the same error message every time I try to add a pic, a link or whatever.

So, if you're curious, just follow this link.

promises are made to be broken, etc.

I'm just making an excuse for not writing. I just don't like to talk about yesterday.

It has been 2 years since Harvey left for Canada. I thought I can forget it by not thinking about it. I drank with friends after shift so that when I come home I could just lay down and sleep.

But no. After 3 bottles (thats my limit) and an hour of tossing and turning in my bed, I still remember. Good thing an anonymous donor sent me 30 pesos worth of load. I called him up after I realized its saturday and he should be home.

So we talked - no I mean he talked I cried. I reminded him that my limit of waiting was 2 years, and its now up. I know I should not pressure him like this, its not fair. There really are times when I want to give up and tell him to go find another girl there. Once I even thought of taking my life so I can get to see him, since he's psychic. (Don't worry, it was a momentary thought) And there are times when I'm tempted to look for another guy that can help pass the time. These are stupid thoughts. Its not fair because I know he's situation is much harder than mine. At least I have friends I can count on. He doesn't, he's alone.

I didn't tell him those. I just told him I'll still wait, no matter what. I still love him really deeply, even if I'm having doubts I know there isn't any other guy that I will feel this way. He's mine, I'm his, and thats for keeps.

another lazy day

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I didn't write anything today because I was enjoying this website I saw from the korean artist rain's profile. This website has so many funky clothes I'm having fun dressing up my avatar. Here's the first one I made:
Isnt it the cutest? I made another one, but somehow I can't upload it to my computer. Anyways, they have the funkiest shoes and all.. Go make your own!

this sucks.

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I think i'm suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder. Umm. Whatever. I just feel tired, bored and depressed today because it was raining when I woke up. Maybe its because rains and late mornings remind me of the days when harvey could stay over and we could cuddle in bed all day long. Hayyy.
Rainy days and mondays always let me down. And you could add the fact that I'm uber bored because of this computer shop's internet connection and I'm sitting next to two little girls who are pimping themselves on the net. I'm trying to answer messages for work so at least I'm doing something with my time today. Yeah, I didn't go to work. I was enjoying the rain and some sleep when my alarm sounded. What was the first thing that came to my mind when I woke up? sleep again. Wahaha.
I slept so late last night because I was watching this new show Shark. I have heard of it from a text chatter and she said its like "csi meets dr. house" I told my housemate kiko about it and walah! he bought the disc yesterday. That's why i can't leave him. He's the best housemate. :)Anyways about Shark, its about this lawyer who used to be a defense attorney and because of a certain case, stopped defending criminals and joined the prosecution side. He was given a job to prosecute high profile cases. It doesn't sound CSI to me, more like this show we used to watch, what was it..the partner? I completely forgot. Anyways this show is more on the investigative side of prosecution and all. They go to crime scenes too, interview witness and dig up dirt to build a case. Speaking of which, maybe I'll just go home, cook some instant noodles and watch again.a

thirteen things

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Um, being the mimic that I am, i wanted to do my own thursday 13. I was thinking of a good list to put in, but as usual, an idea came to me while I'm in the latrine. Ahihi. Since this is my first, and since its called a meme, i want to write 13 things about me. And since I got comments on my white lace and promises post from mariuca and johnny ong, I said I there are things I wanted to do before getting married, so here goes...

13 things I want to do before I get married:

  1. Get laid. wahahaha.
  2. Go to a bar/club and really partaaay.
  3. Learn Chinese, seriously. ( I don't want to look illiterate to my future in-laws)
  4. Get a total make over. I don't want to look losyang.
  5. Save enough for a plane ticket to Canada (and back, in case I didn't like it)
  6. Get a certificate for a computer course somewhere (I learned, in a hard way, that a piece of paper proving that you know computer is important, you can't just say you know.)
  7. Have my passport stamped in Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia.
  8. Sell all my books, and shop for winter clothes.
  9. Have a grand vacation, preferably, in Boracay. I want to think things over.
  10. Earn at least a hundred dollars from adsense and mylot.
  11. Go home and spend Christmas with family, which I haven't done in years.
  12. Learn how to cook. My, I really have to brush up my cooking er..skills?
  13. Realize what career I would like to have. Yeah, i know, i had 25 years to think about it, but still, I haven't decided what I want to be.

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quote for the day

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I watched another korean flick last night after getting tired of watching Criminal Minds. I think the title was Highway Star 1. Maybe their inspiration was the deep purple song. Whatever.The hero was the same guy who played the guy in my sassy girl. His name is Cha Tae-Hyun. Or Tae hyun Cha.
The story was about this rocker guy who wanted to be famous. He ditched his friends and went to Seoul upon the invitation of 2 down in luck talent agents. There he met a girl who sings awfully it rains every time she sings. She seems not to feel embarrassed or whatever.
Anyhoo the reason I'm writing this is her. She said something that made me think. She asked Tae Hyun,
"Do you know why it rains when rain dancers dance?"
"...its because they dance 'til it rains."

poetry in trance

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I generally hate trance. or club. or house. I don't consider them music. I find it so irritating but there's one song I don't mind hearing. Its the song 'ever after' by bonnie tyler. I love it. If you hear it you might not be able to get the lyrics, so here it is:

Three years ago, our journey began
Chasing down this cure, no plan in hand
Just your pulse, my racing guide in the dark
Just knowing with conviction from the start

The moment your eyes made an introduction
I felt my second violent breath of life
Flawless to the point of being godly
Yet I fell hard for your imperfections

And now we're slightly weathered, we're slightly worn
Our hands grip together, eye to eye through the storm, yet
I still believe in ever after with you, yeahhhhh
Cuz life is a pleasure with you by my side,
And there ain't no current in this river we can't ride
I still believe in ever after with you

Nothing compares to the good times
Feels like we're floating, when the rest have to climb
You made me believe in love, and not the perfect kind
A real messy beautiful twisted sunshine

Unfortunately I am so dumb I don't know how to put a music clip here. Maybe next time.

It reminds me a lot of my current relationship with my boyfriend..He's my twisted sunshine. :)

White lace and promises

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Last night my officemates once again had another "chill out session," meaning we drank 2 or 3 bottles of beer again. I don't know who started the topic, but we talked about marriage and instead of the usual bashing session, and I ended up crying.

My officemate asked me why I didn't agreed on marrying my boyfriend before he left for Canada. I told him it wasn't enough reason for us to marry. Sure, we love each other so much, I am very afraid that I might loose him, but I don't want to tie him down just to make sure that I wouldn't loose him. I love him to death, and I don't think there will be any guy that I will love more than I love Harvey.

There are things that I want to do before I get married. I want to find myself, my purpose and my reason for existence. I want to achieve my dream, or and there seems to be something I need to prove to myself as an individual, and not as Mrs. Hibo.
I know all those sound selfish when quoted out of context, but you see, I don't want to complicate my life further. How am I supposed to tell myself that I will give my heart and soul to one man, when I haven't found myself yet.

One more thing, I know that if I would not get to achieve whatever purpose or dream I have before I marry, I might pass my frustrations on to my future children. I know parents tend to do that (mine did, at least) and I don't want to, if I can help it.
I know, i have too much pride, and ambition, but hey, I can't help it. I don't want to marry just because. I want to marry because I am ready.

Men marry because they are tired;
women, because they are curious:
both are disappointed.

Oscar Wilde

desimpsonize me please

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Me as a simpson character? wahaha..Look how i simpsonized myself. Does it look like me? i dunno. I had to look for a super closeup with at least 640 by 480 pixels. anyways I found one but it didn't even come close. Oh well. Just make ur own, its fun. :) Heres how.

i miss the spark

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One of the websites I used to frequent when I first learned the workings of the net was The I think it was so popular back then, and it was a really cool site. They have tests that measure your life, your iq, your gender, purity etc. They closed years ago because some bigger company got interested in their sub-site, the sparknotes.
Anyways, what i miss about that site is the way they ask the questions in their tests, the witty way they tell you the results, the way they bash canadians in their questions (its just funny, sorry.) They also have this funny experiments and pictures. I was looking for any site that may look the same but i can't find any. Its entertaining and enlightening at the same time. Even the archived spark page is down. :(

The founders of spark made okcupid, but the tests are just part of the package, they have dating chorvas that i'm not interested in. Also, the users make the tests. Its also fun, but it's no spark.

**its a girl thing**

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Why do my period have to hurt so much? I can't sit still, i can't stand, and I think I want to throw up. I'm very irritable and antsy too. I'm supposed to be used to this, but I still am not.

I started mine when I was in second year high school.I remember clearly how it came. I was fifteen, and it was our christmas party at school the following day, and I was trying out my new clothes. Hehe. Anyways, when I removed my skirt I saw blood coming out between my legs. I panicked. I called out to my mom and cried. Of course she did help me get the blood off and taught me how to put in a napkin.

I know I was so immature at 15 because I used to ask my mom why my girl classmates seem to have hairs on their armpits. I didn't. I was a late bloomer, as they say, because when our teacher asked our class one day who among us were not yet having period. I put my hands up, of course, along with a classmate I know was a year younger than me. Other than us, everyone seem to have had their periods years ago.

Maybe that's why I literally shoot up. From being 5'3" I grew to my current height, 5'8". The only downside is that my boobs didn't. :( Hey, why am I talking about my boobs? this is supposed to be about my period.

I took mefenamic acid and I don't think it helped me a lot. My puson still hurts. My lower back hurts. The only posture I can get comfy right now is when I bend and make ipit my tyan.Wahaha. And I get bored more easily. So. I don't want to write no more.