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"Sometimes if all you have is old words, all you can do is put together and hope they say something new" - J.D.

How i wish im sarcastic. scrubs is full of it. oh my god I'm always talking about scrubs. whats wrong with me? i can't even write a post without mentioning them.

I'm going crazy. u wanna know why? Let me give you a run down of my recent activities online.
  1. read scrubs script.
  2. ogled at zach braff's pictures. (ohhh he's so cute!)
  3. pretended i'm a blonde girl with a big rack when in fact my belly's bigger than my boobs.
  4. looked for friends' pictures on friendster.
  5. mmm..added more books to my shelfari..good thing I wrote down 50 something books with titles and ISBNs on a notebook when I was bored the other day.
Is there anything else I can do other than this? I'm so bored. But at least there's zach.
I'm an addict. and i think i need my fix now. got to go, need to read scrubs quote some more.