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my 'Fun Way to Pick a Career Test' result

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I had so much fun playing this test at OKCupid. Yeah its a dating site, but it used to be Maybe you should take this test too, it was really fun. This was the only game that has interactive flash? embedded on it. It's supposed to be an alternative way to know where you're good at. Here's my score:

Your Score: Pirate

You scored 30% in logic, 20% in hand-eye coordination, 55% in reflexes and 100% in memory!

Ahoy matey! Me sources tell me yer gonna be a pirate!

You performed best in the category of memory. Why your mind must be like a steel trap. A pirate must always remember where they buried their treasure.

Of course a good pirate must also have excellent reflexes. You scored above average in that category as well. You'll have no problem defending yourself against other nasty pirates.

You might be logical, but it's not your greatest strength. That's ok. There's nothing logical about the life you'll lead by stealing great treasures just to bury them for eternity. If anybody tries to tell you otherwise, you can make them walk the plank!

Use the following chart to check out all 24 possible new careers for you.

Link: The Fun Way to Pick a Career Test written by harpoleers2 on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test