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bye bye imagestation!

I got loads of pics to upload again, so I opened imagestation to put them in but apparently, they are going out of business. This is what happened when I logged in.

Imagestation is a Sony affiliated website. It was one of the few websites we had access to when I was working for. My officemates and I used to spend hours on the website just looking at pictures of people places food and things. Other than this site, there wasn't anything else to do. Oh yeah, we did have access to Sony Pictures' Games site. But it's not something we can be caught doing while taking in calls.
Since my job required some knowledge about cameras, we had access to some Sony cameras. Lol of course we had to, we were sony digital imaging support. Sometimes during free time we would snap pictures and upload them to imagestation. Or if we have outings or trips we just put it on the site so that all our officemates could see and comment on it. Some actually use it to chat with people outside the office using the comment page.
Hayy..i hate it that this site has to close. I wish when I migrated my pics to shutterfly it included my favorite albums list. But I can't even open my account anymore, saying that my account had been closed. Now I have to use shutterfly. I wish there was an alternative site I could've downloaded my pictures. Oh well.