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dancing for a cause

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Last Tuesday, our company had a small wasn't that small. Just every employee in the company. There was games and contests and food..and booze..Hehe. One of the highlights was a dance contest for every shift. There was a cash prize of 3,500 pesos for the winning team, and so the PM shift I belonged to decided to join and choreograph a dance so they'll win. Almost all the boys joined in, and it was decided that they will dance a la drag queens showgirls.

They have all agreed that all the proceeds will be given to Wowie, a coworker who had been sick for a month now - and is undergoing dialysis. They wanted to contribute something for his medical expenses. They even hired a choreographer for the event. Now watch the video and tell me, are they guys or gays?

The judges were overwhelmed by the performance that they decided to award them 10 thousand pesos. They were so happy some even cried when they were told about the prize. Who knows, something that started as a joke turned out successfully?


Johnny Ong said...

u'll just never know as many big businesses today started because of someone's hobby or a joke and it became something that no one expected.

allinkorea said...

wow! what a great performance nga naman...they deserve the prize...