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im 3eb*

Lately im not really in the mood to write anything more than a few sentences. I even think I'm having delusions. I've been watching The Ghost Whisperer for several days now and it eerily resembles what my psychic boyfriend has been telling me about Ghosts and what lays beyond.
I get into crying fits while watching the dead person say goodbye to their living family. The story somehow seems stupid at times, the main character is someone I'm not really into.

Yeah I don't like Jennifer Love Hewitt that much. Maybe it's because she dated John Mayer. Oh not that. But I didn't like her acting in If Only. True, true, the story was good, but why does it have to have a production number at the end?

To be perfectly honest, I don't like her because she has big boobs even if she's thin. Wahaha. I saw a comment at imdb that called the TV series Breast Whisperer. Wahaha again. I wish you have imdb accounts so u can see their comments. Anyways she pulls off a decent job in the TV show even if she says cliché the lines like, 'you need to cross over' 'you have to walk to the light now' and the ghosts reply 'wow i see (insert name of dead relative here.)'

My housemate said the other day that in the show's opening credits where it shows to headless coated figure with wings actually has heads, but only people with third eye can see it (see pic above.) I tried looking for this info anywhere but it seems Kiko's had me again. Did you see anything in the picture?

My boyfriend says if you spend too much time with a person who has third eye, some of it will rub off with you. So that's why my 3rd eye is still blind. Oh and did I mention I wear glasses for my other two?


kaput said...

i don't like jennifer love hewiit either. i think she looks wooden (probably because she's so thin). i don't like her name, either. cheesy cheesy. tsk. i'll have to ask my third-eyed friend to look at this pic and see if the bodies got heads. ;)

Joey said...

JLH always looks like she is crying. . . .

I actually really enjoy that show, often when I'm watching I try to think what actress I'd like better as Melinda. . . .

deegee said...

Kaput: yeah, i think she's anorexic with a big bumper.
Joey: so who do u think will do better as Melinda?