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my third thursday thirteen

Thirteen Foreign TV Shows I really LOVE

  1. Scrubs. It is a sitcom, but somehow they manage to inflict lessons about friendship, morality and anything about life. I'm not a film student nor i pretend to be, but the way the cameras are used is really unique and amazing. It's what got me hooked to watching sitcoms and tv series.
  2. Crime Scene Investigation. Do I need to explain? The original is still the best. I got addicted to the show I think this is the reason I stopped working before. haha.\
  3. CSI: NY. It follows, right? I loved CSI, so I love CSI NY too. Oh and did I mention I really like Eddie Cahill. Yeah, I guess I keep repeating that.
  4. Heroes. When I first saw it at the DVD store I thought it was corny since I'm not really a fan of fantasy flicks like xmen and such. One boring night though, I watched the 3rd episode on RPN-9 with my housemate, Kiko. After watching it he decided to buy the DVD right then and there.
  5. Numb3rs. Cute little Professor Eppes and Fleindhart always saves the day. They make math and physics sound so easy. I just hope Fleindhart will come back to the show soon after going to the moon (or to 24.)
  6. House MD. I've encountered so many sarcastic people in TV shows but he really holds the crown for being adorably annoying. I'm sad that his 3 protégés left the show. I'm hoping to see more diversity in characters again. I got this website that shows his quips and quotes. really fun.
  7. Full House. Yes, its only a season, but I really loved the house - which is the main setting and the characters. I could go on and on about the house used, but I suggest you follow the link.
  8. Criminal Minds. Another buy by my housemate Kiko. Its a whodunnit TV series too, this time focusing on criminal profiler to solve crimes.
  9. Kyle XY. I think I already wrote enough about him here.
  10. Princess Hours. Probably the 'cutest' korean TV series there is. It was a hit show here in the Philippines, and I guess on youtube too.
  11. Detective Conan. This cute nosy little detective is my favorite Japanese tv character. The copy I bought contained really good subtitles complete with 'notes' about how these words are used.
  12. Extreme Make Over Home Edition. I'm a frustrated architect cum interior designer - do you see why I love watching homes being wrecked and rebuilt?
  13. I'm tempted to say Grey's Anatomy, but you see, I haven't seen it yet. My sister says its really good, and she told me its storyline. But since this is about what I have seen, then I'll just say Prison Break. Michael Scofield is really gorgeous, isn't he? I just wished the story isn't full of suspense, because I can't work up the courage to finish the entire series yet.

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WAHM said...

Great list.

my very first 13 is up !

jenny-up the hill said...

We love to watch Scrubs daily....and we clear our schedules in order to catch House and CSI-Las Vegas. Can't wait for the season premieres!

deegee said...

Thanks Wahm and jenny for visiting my list! happy thursday!

busy91 said...

I watch many of these myself. Such as House, Prison Break etc. Great List. Happy TT!

Malcolm: said...

Scrubs is one of my favorite sitcoms of all-time. I love it how it can be laugh out loud hilarious and touching all in one episode!

Nicholas said...

I'm afraid I don't watch any of those. We used to watch Scrubs before it lost its edge and became slushy and insipid.

deegee said...

thanks busy91! I love watching tv shows, thats why :)
malcolm: when did this happen to scrubs? i still can't find any season 4 dvd here.

Joey said...

You know, I think you are the first person I've seen admit to like CSI:NY. . . .

CSI:Las Vegas, of course
CSI:Miami, yeah its not bad
CSI:NY, its a little far fetched.

Did you see the episode where they get the bullet out of a live rat that was eating one of the bodies??

Come on now. . . haha!



Scrubs is awesome. . .. .

deegee said...

joey: i like NY better than miami..i hate david caruso. the stories are far fetched, but the actors are better. :)