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to the left, to the left

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Sorry about the red stuff. I just got so pissed off earlier that i needed to express it in color. Yeah, I did successfully change my blog skin, but unfortunately it doesn't look good with the header wencel gave me. Wencel! if you are reading this, can you please pretty please make my header right? I do look very short and stocky on it.

What's with my pictures being taken while i'm not looking? And only my back, for pete's sake. Maybe I'm
Talikogenic. Hahaha. Its a corruption of two words - talikod and photogenic - meaning my rear looks good in pictures. You don't think so? lemme show you another one of my pics. So whatcha think? I don't remember this pic taken but apparently my officemate Jam took advantage of someone's camera and snapped a pic at me. I have another pic, but i'm not sure I want to share it just yet. It labels on the pornographic. wahaha. My boyfriend took that pic.

Now where was I? oh yeah, changing the theme of this blog. I don't freaking like this layout but I'll stick with this for now. I'm waiting for kiko (my housemate's) PC to come back home, so I can doodle and play around with my own design. Its hard to be creative with MS paint, but I have seen some people create great artworks with it. I'm not that kind of person.