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urban legends

I'm not a cheerful mood today. I slept so little this morning. I woke up at the sound (or rather vibration) of my cellphone, and it was my boyfriend Harvey calling. He said he's displeased with me. Course I bolted up from and asked him why. He said his mother saw my facebook pictures and was unhappy when she saw my pictures drinking and smoking ciggies. Hmm.. he says it matters to him what his mom thinks so I should remove those pics pronto and stop smoking asap. I wish both have the same level of difficulty of doing. Hayy.
Anyway last night I went to Teepee's party and ate lots of bbq salad and carbonara. Yeah i drank a bottle of san mig light and nothing else. We talked about nothing but starlets and has-beens and Julie Vega and urban legends around her. That's because there was nothing on TV but Walang Tulugan. In all fairness we finished the entire show which lasted for hours. After bashing the show and all there was an unanswered question. I know I've read in a magazine when I was young that Julie Vega's death has somehow paranormal causes. I think the story says she has a suitor of a supernatural specie and wooed her until she joined him. Whatever.
Right now I can't think straight and I'm writing without direction. I found this interesting link that our national hero Rizal is suspected of being the illusive Jack the Ripper. I'm having fun reading the comments between 2 pinoys with different perspectives. Then I stumbled on an article saying that Jack the Ripper was a mason. Hmm. Too much conspiracy theory here. Anyways since i'm not making any sense maybe I should stop writing.