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Since i've been typing away for almost 7 hours straight, I don't think I'm in the mood to put in coherent thoughts today. Oh well let me try.
Yesterday was my officemate's last day. I think she had been in bbtxt for only a month but we hang out almost everyday. Of course we drank the night away to ' celebrate' it. I ate too much again, drink to little. My stomach is getting bigger everyday. Come to think of it, i've been drinking at least 3 times a week. My oh my.
Speaking of drinks, I swear I will never drink red horse again. After two stallions, I actually puked by guts out. That was from another drinking session.
Anyway, I can't even remember the last time I actually did, but I distinctly remember what happened. We were drinking at home in KNL, I think that was London Dry Gin and I think I passed out. Next thing I remembered, was my housemates were waking me up because I was sleeping with puke in my hair and face. Eww..No, i wasn't alone. Rhia was in the bed with me. Until now, we still don't know if it was mine or hers.
So where was I? that was a side story. Oh yeah, len. She likes photography a lot and actually takes really good pics. You may want to check her site. She flattered me a lot when she said I have a good eye for photography. Maybe it was the beer talking huh?
What's my point in writing today, anyhow? I don't know..Earlier I have been posting on forums and you know what? I was writing longer lately...It seems that my fingers are finally talking - or getting more talkative - whatever. I hope its not because I've been trying to reach the 6,061 messages quota by writing inane stuff. Is this inane? I don't know. Maybe it is, and I better stop now...Like some greek guy once said:
'Si tacvisses, philosophus mansisses'
(if you'd shut up, i'd keep believing you were wise)