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**its a girl thing**

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Why do my period have to hurt so much? I can't sit still, i can't stand, and I think I want to throw up. I'm very irritable and antsy too. I'm supposed to be used to this, but I still am not.

I started mine when I was in second year high school.I remember clearly how it came. I was fifteen, and it was our christmas party at school the following day, and I was trying out my new clothes. Hehe. Anyways, when I removed my skirt I saw blood coming out between my legs. I panicked. I called out to my mom and cried. Of course she did help me get the blood off and taught me how to put in a napkin.

I know I was so immature at 15 because I used to ask my mom why my girl classmates seem to have hairs on their armpits. I didn't. I was a late bloomer, as they say, because when our teacher asked our class one day who among us were not yet having period. I put my hands up, of course, along with a classmate I know was a year younger than me. Other than us, everyone seem to have had their periods years ago.

Maybe that's why I literally shoot up. From being 5'3" I grew to my current height, 5'8". The only downside is that my boobs didn't. :( Hey, why am I talking about my boobs? this is supposed to be about my period.

I took mefenamic acid and I don't think it helped me a lot. My puson still hurts. My lower back hurts. The only posture I can get comfy right now is when I bend and make ipit my tyan.Wahaha. And I get bored more easily. So. I don't want to write no more.