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i miss the spark

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One of the websites I used to frequent when I first learned the workings of the net was The I think it was so popular back then, and it was a really cool site. They have tests that measure your life, your iq, your gender, purity etc. They closed years ago because some bigger company got interested in their sub-site, the sparknotes.
Anyways, what i miss about that site is the way they ask the questions in their tests, the witty way they tell you the results, the way they bash canadians in their questions (its just funny, sorry.) They also have this funny experiments and pictures. I was looking for any site that may look the same but i can't find any. Its entertaining and enlightening at the same time. Even the archived spark page is down. :(

The founders of spark made okcupid, but the tests are just part of the package, they have dating chorvas that i'm not interested in. Also, the users make the tests. Its also fun, but it's no spark.