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sorry i haven't been blogging for a long time. it's a sad case of writer's block. hahaha. yeah right. seriously i haven't thought about writing anything lately. whew! what have i been doing lately?

i got a series of texts and YMs from people asking if I was returning to my old job. just to clear things up, nope, i am not. i am happy with what i have right now.

i just got regularized on my job..yes,same job for 6 months. yehee! it turned out to be good. actually more than good. i know its not perfect, but petiks time is usually half of the 8 hour shift! anyone interested to apply, just message me. hehe.

how's the job? well some people wouldn't like it, but some would. essentially my job is to read what the callers type and what type what the called party says. sounds easy, right? the only problem is when they are prank calling us and we can't do anything about it but pity the losers who think they are funny when they're not. we get paid to cuss, verbally abuse other people, blasphemize, and read other people's bad spelling and we get paid to wait silently (well not really silently, but on mute, hehe.)

now does it sound like a dream job? nope nope and nope. what's fun is the time when there are no calls and we just log off the system and pass time doing nothing while getting paid.

i love it!