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i can't seem to find time to post anything about my life. anyways i have been way too busy lately.

oh and one thing! i hate friendster! they deleted my boyfriend's account. and now i can't read the messages i receive even if i click reply or forward. all of them are blank, which is impossible since they came from different people. i think their days are numbered. so those who don't have a multiply or facebook account, make one now!


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sorry i haven't been blogging for a long time. it's a sad case of writer's block. hahaha. yeah right. seriously i haven't thought about writing anything lately. whew! what have i been doing lately?

i got a series of texts and YMs from people asking if I was returning to my old job. just to clear things up, nope, i am not. i am happy with what i have right now.

i just got regularized on my job..yes,same job for 6 months. yehee! it turned out to be good. actually more than good. i know its not perfect, but petiks time is usually half of the 8 hour shift! anyone interested to apply, just message me. hehe.

how's the job? well some people wouldn't like it, but some would. essentially my job is to read what the callers type and what type what the called party says. sounds easy, right? the only problem is when they are prank calling us and we can't do anything about it but pity the losers who think they are funny when they're not. we get paid to cuss, verbally abuse other people, blasphemize, and read other people's bad spelling and we get paid to wait silently (well not really silently, but on mute, hehe.)

now does it sound like a dream job? nope nope and nope. what's fun is the time when there are no calls and we just log off the system and pass time doing nothing while getting paid.

i love it!


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Talked to my boyfriend today. He told me he took an IQ test something and he got 126. I told him I'll probably get 60 (hahaha) if I try any IQ test.. but see.. I'm not retarded after all! =)
It says that I'm Gifted (2.3% of test takers). wahahahahaha!

IQ Test - IQ Test

lesson for everyone

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This pic i swiped from reminds me of someone. Hahahaha!

imma stalker

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Haha! i know where you are!

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You can't hide from me...

boring or better?

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the bosses on my new job are pretty strict. we can' t talk while we are waiting for a call, especially while on a call. we can't slouch - i heard someone shouted "everyone! sit up straight!" earlier. we can't bring any writing materials or electronic devices. we have 15-30-15 minutes break scheds.
if you're caught doing any of those, you'll get an IR (internal report) immediately. (although i don't know anyone who had.

*sigh* i know. i know. i make reklamos too soon. maybe i'll get used to it. maybe i won't. i don't know.
this is just my first week as a full fledged "communication assistant" and i have these already. hayyyy i'm not sure i have the will to stay in this job. i hope so - it does pay so well. :) only, they don't have good medical and insurance coverages. and one more thing! i don't get how they compute the day off. because as far as i know for this week my day off is only 42 hours!

found it!

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I found a new job. It pays so well! Hehehe.

wanted: perfect job

I'm on a job hunt again. I just submitted my formal resignation from the company, and I really wish I'll get a job real fast.
I've applied to several companies already but I haven't figured out if I really want to work there. I went to a job fair last week with my friends and tried my luck with a call center I haven't had the nerve applying at before. Fortunately my stars were perfectly aligned that day and I passed all their exams. Haha! I was so proud of myself that out of 15 examinees only 2 passed, me included. They also had this brain hemorrhage-causing IT diagnostics exam which I, uhhm, passed. It did boost my confidence.
One thing worries me though. They require a background check. I don't have a seedy past, I just don't want anyone poking into my life. or maybe I'm worried some previous boss or colleague will give them bad impressions of me.
Oh well, if I don't pass that part of their exam, I'm going to look for another job opening. (With a much higher salary that what they offer too, I hope.)

Anyone who knows any call center job openings there? Message me.


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How long have you been blogging?
- tough question. Peach, can you help me with this? I know I made my first one with easyjournal. That was waaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy back (August 03 - I checked). I didn't write continuously though.

What inspired you to write a blog, and who are your mentors?
- I think it was Or one of those very few sites that I visit before - I got curious with the new think back then.

What are the 3 things that you love about being online?
- I learn a lot.
- I stay connected with old and new friends.
- Too many things to do its difficult to get bored

What are the three things that you struggle with in the online-world?
- its anonymity

I'm tagging everyone but ideapinkrose!

beachy beach

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I am supposed to be basking in the sun in Puerto Galera today. My team at work is there right now enjoying themselves.
I so wish I could join them, but I already promised myself I will not spend money like how I spent my money 2 years ago.
When I was in HTMT I used to join every team outing there was, even if I am not a team member. I loved the fact that I had to travel and sleep somewhere else - not to mention the fact that I get to drink a lot :P
OMG. I am really getting old. All I think about right now are the bills that I have to pay, the stuff for the house that I have to buy and the money I will be saving if I spend less on clothes.

Whew! I really hope that this time its for real.

super busy

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I never knew this job could be really hectic and stressful. Oh well good thing I have my stress relievers. :)

My housemate and I just bought a new TV last thursday. We went shopping for one, and when I first saw it, I fell in love with it, so did he. Here's how it looks like:

Doesn't it look sooooooooooo good? :)