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boring or better?

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the bosses on my new job are pretty strict. we can' t talk while we are waiting for a call, especially while on a call. we can't slouch - i heard someone shouted "everyone! sit up straight!" earlier. we can't bring any writing materials or electronic devices. we have 15-30-15 minutes break scheds.
if you're caught doing any of those, you'll get an IR (internal report) immediately. (although i don't know anyone who had.

*sigh* i know. i know. i make reklamos too soon. maybe i'll get used to it. maybe i won't. i don't know.
this is just my first week as a full fledged "communication assistant" and i have these already. hayyyy i'm not sure i have the will to stay in this job. i hope so - it does pay so well. :) only, they don't have good medical and insurance coverages. and one more thing! i don't get how they compute the day off. because as far as i know for this week my day off is only 42 hours!


atomicgirl said...

Sounds like boot camp to me. But who knows? You might get to like it there. Anyway, any suggestions for a digicam that's only priced at 10k or below? Thanksie. :D