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I think I have been blogging less and less lately. Mainly its because for some reason blogger doesn't work in the office. I may be online everyday but I don't get to sign in and post a blog. There are other ways though, so its mainly laziness. Hahaha. What else is new? I'm always lazy.

Anyway I want to share a few stuff. I am addicted to Mystery Case Files. Hahahaha. I especially like Ravenhearst because of its intricate puzzles to open doors and stuff. I'm already missing it since my friend who visited (and brought her ├╝ber nice laptop) is now back to bicol. How I wish I can afford to have the PC at home fixed. How much is a memory card this days? i really don't know how to fix hardware stuff so (once again) I feel to lazy to ask anyone about repairing it.

Speaking of repairs, our TV is now broken. Kaput. doesn't work. I miss watching J.D...hay.. We still haven't decided if we will buy a new one or just have this one fixed. Anyway it had serviced us for I guess 3 years? I even remember the day my engineer housemates took it home. Now that was a funny story. Tell it to ya later, my phone's ringing, and its my beau. Got to go. :)

a year back.

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i saw this picture on my friend's multiply account. She works at the c-cube right now and maybe she wanted to let me know this pic is still there. Hahaha. This is my only commendation posted on the wall.


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so much has happened. for some reason i can't access blogger in our office although i'm online most of the time. where shall i start?
ador never showed up. In the last message i received from him he said he want to know what my bank account number is so he can repay me my money. yeah right.
what else what else? oh i don't know. some of us are making some drastic moves just to make sure he will never do it to anyone again. i don't know how they plan to prevent him though.
enough about that guy, i don't care. I believe karma is a strong force. I actually pity him for doing what he did. He must be really desperate.