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thank you

ok's past 2 and i'm officially 28 years old.

28 sounds so old. good thing i don't feel like i'm old. and i know age is relative. it's but a number.

i feel so loved and lucky to have so many friends. every time i opened my facebook account i get notifications of friends greeting me. even people i work gave me warm greetings that made my day complete.

i'm just so lucky i have them in my life. if not for some people, i don't think i'll ever get pass the depression stage when i realized everything i planned and dreamt of is gone. they're the people that kept me going if i felt that my whole future was falling apart.

i used to think i wouldn't be able to live without that guy harvey in my life. looking back, i know i can. i am forever grateful to my friend aldo for being with me during my darkest hour. he saw the whole thing and he witnessed how i really cried. i know i was so pathetic that day but he was there to comfort me. i'm also thankful to eraine for coming over to make sure i was okay and for seeing how i laughed and felt foolish while telling her the story. and to erwin, who in his own way helped me a lot by taking my mind off my main concern. i.e., saying that " the window is open." haha. and my teammates who were really there to lend an ear to my rantings, and i actually met a lot of new friends inside the office during this period. i'm not sure why but maybe it's because misery loves company. =รพ

i did, however strayed away from my old friends. i didn't want them to hear about harvey because they knew him personally. i don't want to bad mouth the person even if he is worth bad mouthing. it's only lately that i was able to get back with them and talk about him. anyways what is there to talk about? it's done and over with. i also appreciate how they respected my silence and never asked intruding questions about what happened.

to whoever is reading this, please tell the guy thank you for being a jerk. if he wasn't i wouldn't have realized how lucky i was to have such wonderful friends and such wonderful life. i can keep smiling knowing that my life never revolved around him, so he wasn't such a big loss. and that i was right. we do have to live in the Now, not in whatever future which might not even come.


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on the 29th, i'll be celebrating the 10th anniversary of my 18th birthday.

wow. really? i'm 28? that fast huh?

a friend of mine asked me once how was it like to be 27? well. too many craziness happened. so i really don't know how to describe it.

well i don t want to write about it right now. later maybe.

just want to share a pic i stumbled upon. sorry i forgot where i got it.

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seems like i haven't been writing anything lately. i guess i was just so preoccupied with my office life that i forget to write. yes i still go online. only on facebook and plurk, and i tend to forget i do have a blog.

hmm.. what to write about?

let's see. i hate my job, but i love my workplace. i want to quit doing the job i'm doing right now but i don't want to resign. first because i don't have enough savings, second because i enjoy the company of people i work with and third i don't think i can get another job which is as easy as what i'm doing right now for the same amount of salary i'm currently getting.

a lot of my friends had already resigned. most people i know are thinking of resigning too. the job isn't stressful. it's actually the management that's making it stressful. and the fraud calls. don't make me talk about the fraud calls. ugh. this is it for now. i think i would rather watch my frontierville plants grow than talk about work right now.