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thank you

ok's past 2 and i'm officially 28 years old.

28 sounds so old. good thing i don't feel like i'm old. and i know age is relative. it's but a number.

i feel so loved and lucky to have so many friends. every time i opened my facebook account i get notifications of friends greeting me. even people i work gave me warm greetings that made my day complete.

i'm just so lucky i have them in my life. if not for some people, i don't think i'll ever get pass the depression stage when i realized everything i planned and dreamt of is gone. they're the people that kept me going if i felt that my whole future was falling apart.

i used to think i wouldn't be able to live without that guy harvey in my life. looking back, i know i can. i am forever grateful to my friend aldo for being with me during my darkest hour. he saw the whole thing and he witnessed how i really cried. i know i was so pathetic that day but he was there to comfort me. i'm also thankful to eraine for coming over to make sure i was okay and for seeing how i laughed and felt foolish while telling her the story. and to erwin, who in his own way helped me a lot by taking my mind off my main concern. i.e., saying that " the window is open." haha. and my teammates who were really there to lend an ear to my rantings, and i actually met a lot of new friends inside the office during this period. i'm not sure why but maybe it's because misery loves company. =รพ

i did, however strayed away from my old friends. i didn't want them to hear about harvey because they knew him personally. i don't want to bad mouth the person even if he is worth bad mouthing. it's only lately that i was able to get back with them and talk about him. anyways what is there to talk about? it's done and over with. i also appreciate how they respected my silence and never asked intruding questions about what happened.

to whoever is reading this, please tell the guy thank you for being a jerk. if he wasn't i wouldn't have realized how lucky i was to have such wonderful friends and such wonderful life. i can keep smiling knowing that my life never revolved around him, so he wasn't such a big loss. and that i was right. we do have to live in the Now, not in whatever future which might not even come.


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