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wanted: perfect job

I'm on a job hunt again. I just submitted my formal resignation from the company, and I really wish I'll get a job real fast.
I've applied to several companies already but I haven't figured out if I really want to work there. I went to a job fair last week with my friends and tried my luck with a call center I haven't had the nerve applying at before. Fortunately my stars were perfectly aligned that day and I passed all their exams. Haha! I was so proud of myself that out of 15 examinees only 2 passed, me included. They also had this brain hemorrhage-causing IT diagnostics exam which I, uhhm, passed. It did boost my confidence.
One thing worries me though. They require a background check. I don't have a seedy past, I just don't want anyone poking into my life. or maybe I'm worried some previous boss or colleague will give them bad impressions of me.
Oh well, if I don't pass that part of their exam, I'm going to look for another job opening. (With a much higher salary that what they offer too, I hope.)

Anyone who knows any call center job openings there? Message me.


atomic girl said...

Woah... You resigned? Again? Hala. Pero at least, kaya mo magpalipat lipat ng work. Ako kasi, tinatamad maghanap ng trabaho. Haha.

biyahengpinoy said...

resign ka na naman. ano ba yan portugs hehehe. kakauwi ko lang galing sagada. you can check the lemon pie house's blog which i've made for them para malaman mo ang mga pinaggagawa ko. organizer ako ng soft launching nila and it was very successful. eto ang blog nila at: