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Um, being the mimic that I am, i wanted to do my own thursday 13. I was thinking of a good list to put in, but as usual, an idea came to me while I'm in the latrine. Ahihi. Since this is my first, and since its called a meme, i want to write 13 things about me. And since I got comments on my white lace and promises post from mariuca and johnny ong, I said I there are things I wanted to do before getting married, so here goes...

13 things I want to do before I get married:

  1. Get laid. wahahaha.
  2. Go to a bar/club and really partaaay.
  3. Learn Chinese, seriously. ( I don't want to look illiterate to my future in-laws)
  4. Get a total make over. I don't want to look losyang.
  5. Save enough for a plane ticket to Canada (and back, in case I didn't like it)
  6. Get a certificate for a computer course somewhere (I learned, in a hard way, that a piece of paper proving that you know computer is important, you can't just say you know.)
  7. Have my passport stamped in Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia.
  8. Sell all my books, and shop for winter clothes.
  9. Have a grand vacation, preferably, in Boracay. I want to think things over.
  10. Earn at least a hundred dollars from adsense and mylot.
  11. Go home and spend Christmas with family, which I haven't done in years.
  12. Learn how to cook. My, I really have to brush up my cooking er..skills?
  13. Realize what career I would like to have. Yeah, i know, i had 25 years to think about it, but still, I haven't decided what I want to be.

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Nicholas said...

Hello andwelcome to TT.

Interesting list. I've done a few thing on your list and I can heartily recommend them!

Johnny Ong said...

stamped in malaysia? ok, i'm waiting for u in kuala lumpur then......can help u fulfil a few on yr list and maybe my list too

deegee said...

I will visit my friend in singapore, hopefully in the near future, and visit the neighboring borders..:) is KL miles away from singapore?

Johnny Ong said...

kl is 4hrs away by bus and 45mins away by air (not counting those waiting time at airport).