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I was über bored yesterday. I didn't go out, didn't watch any DVDs and didn't have anything to do. I tried reading Teach Yourself German but I fell asleep. I forgot to watch Kyle XY which I've been trying to faithfully follow on TV.
Speaking of which, I really like that show, its so fresh and different from the crime dramas I have been watching as of late. The tv show's star, Matt Dallas, is 24 but he looks so innocently cute that he really pulls off acting like a newborn 16 year old clone.
I heard the show's a hit in the US. I've seen lots of very good comments about it from imdb. Personally I watched the pilot run on RPN 9 because I was looking for another kind of TV show. I found it here. Maybe I like the kind of shows where the protagonist narrates the story in first person. Im not the kinda writer who can do good reviews, I'll leave it to the pros. I just think you should see the show, when Kyle smiles he looks so sweet and innocent.