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I watched another korean flick last night after getting tired of watching Criminal Minds. I think the title was Highway Star 1. Maybe their inspiration was the deep purple song. Whatever.The hero was the same guy who played the guy in my sassy girl. His name is Cha Tae-Hyun. Or Tae hyun Cha.
The story was about this rocker guy who wanted to be famous. He ditched his friends and went to Seoul upon the invitation of 2 down in luck talent agents. There he met a girl who sings awfully it rains every time she sings. She seems not to feel embarrassed or whatever.
Anyhoo the reason I'm writing this is her. She said something that made me think. She asked Tae Hyun,
"Do you know why it rains when rain dancers dance?"
"...its because they dance 'til it rains."