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13 celebrities I really find attractively cute

Writing about kyle today inspired me to do this list. I will not include my boyfriend on the list. He isn't a celebrity, for one, and its given :) Instead, this are celebrities from the Philippines and elsewhere that has/had caught my eye. Can you see the similarities among them??
    1. RicoYan. I know, i know, he's dead. But the fact is, I have this huge crush on him ever since I can remember. I cried buckets when he died. :((
    2. Mickey Perz. The first time I saw him on Pinoy Big Brother speaking German, I got hooked! :)
    3. Eddie Cahill. I can get lost in your eyes. and dimples. I really really adore him. He's the best character in CSI:NY..hehe
    4. Alfred Vargas. He's a real hunk. Looks like a typical tambay, and umm..he kinda reminds me of someone I used to know.
    5. Jerry Yan. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I like Dao Ming Si's looks. He sure do belong here in my list with his cute eyes, dimples and yummy body.
    6. Eminem. Yep, yep yep. This guy is one of the hottest person alive for me. I love his angas looks and those piercing eyes.
    7. Brandon Boyd. Boy, he can sing. and he does have the looks and the body too. I envy my officemate Mic for having seen them in person. And she has the pics to prove it.
    8. Lee Ki-Woo. He's this tall chinky eyed Korean I saw from an excellent Korean movie The Classic. He plays the kind, understanding boyfriend and he really looks cute and awkward at the same time.
    9. Woo-Sung Jung. Yeah, he's Korean. I saw him the other day from a Korean mystery movie The Restless and oh..he's so good looking even if his costume is for a rugged-looking nomad.
    10. Hyun Bin. Another korean I saw from a movie I watched..I think the title was A Millionaire's First Love. This guy looks so ugly when frowning but really cute when he's smiling.
    11. Umm..add Matt Dallas to the list. He's adorably cute too.
    12. The Rock. If you can smell what the rock is cooking?! I loved his act back when he was in the WWF.
    13. Hugh Jackman. How can i forget wolverine? He's so ruggedly handsome, he almost didn't made my list since this is just for the cutest guys I know.

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Norma said...

Cute list--I'm aware of at least 2 of them--not my generation!

Anonymous said...

Brandon Boyd... YUM!!!! :-)

Great list!

LinkinAngel said...

hi there1 I really love this meme..maybe I'll start with my own lists of (type) of guy soon! ^^