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promises are made to be broken, etc.

I'm just making an excuse for not writing. I just don't like to talk about yesterday.

It has been 2 years since Harvey left for Canada. I thought I can forget it by not thinking about it. I drank with friends after shift so that when I come home I could just lay down and sleep.

But no. After 3 bottles (thats my limit) and an hour of tossing and turning in my bed, I still remember. Good thing an anonymous donor sent me 30 pesos worth of load. I called him up after I realized its saturday and he should be home.

So we talked - no I mean he talked I cried. I reminded him that my limit of waiting was 2 years, and its now up. I know I should not pressure him like this, its not fair. There really are times when I want to give up and tell him to go find another girl there. Once I even thought of taking my life so I can get to see him, since he's psychic. (Don't worry, it was a momentary thought) And there are times when I'm tempted to look for another guy that can help pass the time. These are stupid thoughts. Its not fair because I know he's situation is much harder than mine. At least I have friends I can count on. He doesn't, he's alone.

I didn't tell him those. I just told him I'll still wait, no matter what. I still love him really deeply, even if I'm having doubts I know there isn't any other guy that I will feel this way. He's mine, I'm his, and thats for keeps.


biyahengpinoy said...

diane, that's why we, your friends, are here.

atomicgirl said...

You're going to let go after waiting for two years? Asus. Malay mo, bukas, he'll be there knocking on your door. O di ba? Dramatic effect lang pala.

kaput said...

two years isn't that long, if you compare it with ten. i and the SO have to wait more or less ten years. beat that. :(

deegee said...

wencel, thanks..hay miss ko na c3..musta naman kayo?

peachy..that was the original plan. hayyy. wish ko lng mag dilang anghel ka. wahaha.

kaput.. wow naman 10 years? sabi nga ni barbie almalbis, 11 years is long enough to make a girl insane..