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why visit singapore?

I wanna see Singapore. Why this country? Lemme list down a few things:
  • its just 4 hours away.
  • it costs only 147.44USD for tickets back and forth from tiger airways.
  • i don't need visa to go there.
  • its so near Malaysia and Indonesia I can visit them in a day!
  • my friend Denley promised me he will take care of my food and lodging if I will visit him.
  • there's so many job openings there I could probably take 1 day to submit my resumes to companies.
  • I'd like to try their food - which is a blend of many Asian cuisines.
  • I wanna go and see Sentosa!
  • I want my picture taken with a merlion. Then I'll put it on my friendster. Lol.
  • I just want to see another culture. for a change.
  • I've never been anywhere outside the Philippines. This is the perfect opportunity.
I really should start saving money. And oh, I NEED to get a passport.


atomicgirl said...

Sama! Sama! Papa-brace muna ako!

deegee said...

sure 08..sure na yan. charos..musta na pg-iipon mo para sa braces mo?

atomicgirl said...

It's taking me 10 years for braces. Leche. I need more sponsors! (Feeling!)