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game over

I miss playing DoTA. I miss the guys I used to play with. Unfortunately this is the only surviving picture of us playing the game. Yeah I look retarded. I remember the first time I've heard of this game. I was working in c-cubed then, and we were in the office taking in calls. While all the 2000 plus people were busy taking in calls and doing their work, a small window came up in the center of all the computer screens at the same time...It said: 'Dota tayo?' and the only other thing that was on it was a personal computer number. Of course I had no idea what it meant. There was a clamor and everyone asked who sent that message. Turned out the guys from my department were trying to send messages through network. I don't know how its called but we call it don't speak. Anyhoo, that piqued my curiosity. One day as we were all going home, one of my officemates told me that I should join them playing DoTA. I told him I don't know how to play it, and I think I was afraid I might get addicted to it. One of them told me the classic line I can't forget... "Parang Diablo lang yan.."(it's just like diablo.) They all know I spend my breaks at work playing Diablo II in the recreation room, and they knew I'm hooked to that game.
To make the story short, I got addicted to DoTA too. I played with my guy friends 4-8 hours almost daily. You asked me why I don't have any savings? The computer shop we used to play on charges 50 pesos per game.
This addiction went on for so many months. We found a new computer shop that charges half that amount. We even organized 'tournaments.' There were many of us playing that we had to divide into two games. I miss the way we play the game. Its competitive but we're just having fun at the same time. We trash talk,shout and drive our enemy team but there was never any fights no hard feelings. It was really fun. Then while playing we would eat 'power lunch' - which was 2 franks, 2 fried eggs and 2 cups of rice. And drink lots of c2. Then we would order in nearby KFC.
Work usually starts at 8pm. I usually chose the 4 am sched so I can join them afterwards. Some of our managers knew about our habits an
d are wary of our lates and absences. Some of their girlfriends usually calls me when one of them went missing. Even if its a rest day, we would still go to Katipunan Ave. to play. During typhoon Milenyo, they actually went there thinking they could ride out the storm - they ended up stuck along the Katipunan Ave for hours while it was raining and there wasn't any taxi around. Good thing I wasn't there that time.
After months of playing we just lost the drive to play. One was forced to resign. Soon 4 of them followed. Then another went to the US. We realized we must be better off buying things with our salary than spending most of it for the game. I guess it never was the same when we were all there. Hay, i miss playing with them.

I miss omar, kit, van, raz, gie, ryce, cons, fritz, jam, ivan, jopo, gino, labehead, patrick, ruthie, barry, erwin, and all the dota heroes.
Thinking about it, I don't miss the game, i miss the players.