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how about some popcorns?

Kiko, my housemate bought another DVD last wednesday. This time it was a Jackie Chan movie collection. I was controlling my urge to watch Scrubs again, so I tried watching a few.

I started off with Shanghai Noon, with Jackie as a chinese imperial guard and Owen Wilson as the sweet talking outlaw. I think I've watched this when it came out in 2000. Mind you, I have very little patience with watching a movie but with this I was able to finish it with minimum fast forwards. (Yeah I skip the fight scenes.) I'm just curious, is it somehow a parody of Wyatt Earp's life?

Then I watched Around the World in 80 Days after that. The movie skipped on its own, so I didn't really know how the story developed. But I like the way Steve Coogan acted as Phileas Fogg. I think he looks handsome..or maybe he just reminded him of someone I know.

Speaking of Around the World in 80 days, I think this was the second book I got interested in. I know the first one was Secret Garden. I think it was because my cousin was reading it for a book review and the cover looked so cute to pass up. Anyway back to Mr. Verne's book, it was the first time I encountered the word timetable. I remember imagining Phileas taking out his a folding table everywhere he went. Hahaha.

Anyway after I finished those two movies, guess what I watched? Right. Scrubs.