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My sixth TT

Thirteen Things I dislike

  1. Hot air balloons.
  2. Sirens.
  3. Wrong grammar / misspelled words.
  4. Presumptuous/Pushy people.
  5. Lying.
  6. Sleeping without drinking coffee.
  7. Forwarded messages
  8. Listening to songs i like over the radio.
  9. Chitchats, small talk and other social niceties.
  10. Mandy Moore and Jennifer Love Hewitt.
  11. Strong women..especially chinese strong women. (dont ask me why)
  12. Leftover foods.
  13. Politics.

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Bloggers said...

great post! I have most of the same dislikes!

mine is up

WFMom said...

Wow, I think we could be twins because i agree with it all! Excellent T13 list!

nikki the red said...

but i like mandy moore. hehe. better than the other pop princesses anyway.

tanabata said...

I dislike pushy people and politics too! I've come to just laugh at all the funny English grammar and spelling you see here!

DoubleDeckerBusGuy said...

Egads! Many things you'd HATE about me! :)

Magari said...

I love concerning my mind not with grammar !

do not yuo?

~*Country Dawn*~ said...

hot air balloons????