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ever been to they do have great customer support, even if technically, job seekers are not customers. try calling their line and ask for a tuna sandwich. i'm damn sure they will entertain your call and even help you get your order.

thats what i've learned today. sorry if i have been awfully quiet but i was spending my week being trained by monsters. lol.

one of my co-trainees was a celebrity. my seatmate said, that guy looks awfully familiar. I said, who, the guy with the long chin? my seatmate said she saw him on TV, like he was a sort of witness before. I jokingly said, who, from kuratong baleleng controversy? turned out that I was right. he was, and again, a witness about a graft case. a song was even composed with him in the lyrics. now he's a call center agent.

what else what else..oh our TV is broken, and i don't have money to have it fixed yet. maybe i'll just buy this new myphone so i can watch from it? it just costs 7 thousand bucks from the same guy i mentioned above. anyone interested?