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happy? holidays

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I like gifts.

I like shopping for gifts, then wrapping it, and mostly seeing the reaction of the people I give the gifts to. This year I don't think I will have the pleasure. Of seeing them see my gifts anyway.

Its really hard to choose a gift for anyone. Mostly its because I am on a tight budget. I still have no gift for my boyfriend, but he understands that. I will buy a gift from him for myself instead. Hmm.. I'm not counting the stuff I already bought as gift from him. :p

Too bad I don't have a big 13th month pay this year. I bet I will have much MORE fun shopping for gifts.

I've been working and sleeping and eating and shopping this last few weeks that I don't have time to update my blog anymore. I don't even think I will have time to celebrate the holidays, as I am not sure if I will have work or not next week. Maybe I'll just sleep the week off. Who knows?


Here's a pic from our company Christmas party. I was almost tempted to upload them all but unfortunately I am not on all the pics.
Anyways the girl with her hair down is usually like that..she doesn't want her picture taken.


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merry xmas from korea.

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