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wish list

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Hmm...i had another friend allan bought some vcds for peach for her birthday... He said he saw it on her blog's wish list. Since my birthday is coming up to maybe I should write one myself. I want so many things, i don't know who will read this, but if you're generous enough, here's my address. wahaha. jk.
Anyways, here's my top ten wish list:
1. headphones. preferably a sony MDR-NC60 but since its worth 200 dollars i'll settle for CD-r king L800 or NP860 or a TDK MP 100..hehe
2. gift cert from people are people. i need a new pair of jeans.
3. DVDs - any korean love story/comedy combo's good enough 4 me.
4. an MP3/MP4 player that can hold 1g and that can be used as file storage.
5. diablo ii expansion or sims 2 installer.
6. slippers/sandals. my shoe size is 9 or 10.
7. a free hair treatment.
8. a new cellphone. harhar - umm..i like W700 or w500, or i can settle for a 5500. hehe
9. one way plane ticket to canada.
10. harvey, wrapped in bubble wrap shredded paper or any padding material.