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Just another survey.

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I like answering 'surveys' as they call it on friendster. Maybe because it helps me know myself a little better. Here is one of them. Since this isn't friendster, I'll elaborate on my answers so you, the reader, will know something about me.

What do you usually call yourself?
>>cess.. my nickname is princess. Well its supposed to be because I was the firstborn and I was to be treated like one. hihihi.

Would you rather be called baby or babe?
>>neither. I'd rather be called by my name, or chieffy. That's how my boyfriend and I call each other.

Would you rather be doing this survey or watching television?
>>I'd rather watch TV. ummm, actually I'm getting hooked on TV again, since our DVD player is broken.

How are you feeling today?
>>bored. that's why im doing this.

What is on your bed right now?
>>lots of things. like my pillows, clothes I discarded, books, crossword puzzles, bags..its a jungle!

What are you looking forward to?
>> my birthday? I really don't know if i'm excited, or actually dreading it. I'm gonna be a quarter of a century year old. huhuhuh

Do you miss anyone?
>>As a matter of fact, I do. I miss a lot of people, but the top of my list is my boyfriend. I miss him to death.

Where is he or she?
>>in edmonton, alberta, canada. geez google map cannot calculate the distance. haha

When will you smile?
>>i'm always smiling. even if I don't have a perfect smile. I'm happy by nature.

Did you see anyone you knew last Friday night?
>> where was I last Friday night?umm. at work I guess. so yes.

What are your plans for Saturday night?
>>spend it at home. Imma homebody these days.

What other windows do you have open besides this one?
>>yeah, 5 tabs at mozilla- I have mylot(get paid to chat!), ok cupid (just another quiz site), wikipedia(im always looking for sumthing),and google maps. 2 explorer(for work).

What are you going to eat for dinner?
>>i've had dinner. it was chicken curry.

Do you knock or ring the doorbell?
>>i don't think most houses here have doorbells. I'd rather yell. haha

Do you love compliments?
>> I don't know how to take them. seriously.

Do you believe in yourself?
>>I do. but there are moments..

Do you have a daily planner? If so, do you keep up with it?
>>I don't. I like to be spontaneous.

Who was the last person who commented on your page?

What did they say?
>> happy birthday message

Is your love/crush on your featured friends?
>>I don't like putting in featured friends.

Did you take your default picture yourself ?
>>nope, i think peachy did.

You got a message 2dy? who is it from?
>>I did. It was from denley, it says I have a birthday gift, and I can claim it in so and so, singapore. wahaha. He wants me to go to singapore, all expenses paid, except for the fare.

Name one person that you haven't seen in a while.
>>too many..but again, top on the list, is harvey.

What would you do if he/she/they showed up on your front porch.
>>I would hug and kiss him! and scream and laugh and cry at the same time. God I really miss him.

Do you love someone aside from God, your family and your friends?
>>Um, harvey. and myself. haha

What song is playing right now?
>>dying inside. wahaha. our office DJ's choice. not mine.

Does that song remind you of someone?
>>not really. wahaha.