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my friday the 13th

Whoever started the urban legend that Friday the 13th is an unlucky day?
I guess let me tell you about my day instead. I was supposed to wake up early because I wanted to go back to my old office to finish my clearance, but it was a very cold morning I decided to sleep some more. When I waked up at 12 noon my housemate's sister was cooking something so I wasn't able to boil water for my daily morning coffee fix. Then when I used the loo the toilet was clogged. My god I think I spent 15 minutes just trying to get mc arthur out of the way. Catching a cab was pretty easy, but we spent another few seconds waiting for my officemate and luckily, we arrived at work just in time, actually with 3 minutes to spare.
So far my day was going well, when I felt a stab of pain in my stomach area. I thought I was having IBS again, but when I felt sticky liquid coming out of me, I just know that my monthly visitor's here. Bad, because I wasn't exactly prepared, i didn't have a pad with me, but good, because I was able to find 1 easily.
The night is still young, so much can still happen, well if this is a lucky day or what, que sera, sera.