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may the force be with u

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I did have a happy birthday, thank you. Anyways my boyfriend called me that day to wish me happy bday and to tell me that there is another star wars movie in the making. He said he saw it online and the story revolves around darth vader's secret apprentice. far I don't have any luck finding it. There are rumors, yes. According to it was an australian TV series and about what happened between episode 3 and 4.
I found another link though, it says George Lucas is hinting about a new film.
Enough about the movie. I found another interesting tidbit. It seems that there is an actual religion called Jediism, which follows the belief of the jedis (no, they don't seem to have light sabers.) I promise I'll read about it. and share it to you, haha.
On another news, I have a headset! finally :) Somebody actually bothered to read my blog and buy the gift I like. Thanks to you two. You know who you are.
Thanks to peachy for the t-shirt. and to my officemates for the impromtu partay! Pictures soon..hehe.
I love marlboro, they mailed me a greeting card wishing me more sticks and more birthdays. Isnt it ironic? LOL.


biyahengpinoy said...

happy birthday diane. check mo ito: