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birthday blues.

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Its my birthday tomorrow. Ugh, at least 4 hours from now. I'm turning 25! wtf! Time really flies. I haven't noticed i'm THIS old.
I don't feel like writing what i feel about my birthday. Maybe I'll just post a pic. There. Thanks to Len, who always takes my pics.
Anyways, I swear I will quit smoking. Soon. That's on my list of things to do. And I need to go to c3 soon. Soon. Soon. I will go to singapore, claim my gift from Denz. Hmm..What will I do tomorrow? Allan is coming over. I have to go to auntie malou's place too. Maybe I'll just make him tag along.
I have to count my replies for the month, have I passed the quota? I wish I'll get excess. I really wish. How can I do that? ask zands. later. but anyways why am I writing this way? Just thinking scattered thoughts. Haha, mic is preggy, and monkeyboy is happy. Mic is not.

Do you know what im talking about? thats 1 minute peep inside my head for you.