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whats wrong with the world, mama?

I watched the news last night, and I was really disturbed by what I heard. It seems that the country is experiencing a very unusual weather pattern, and that we are experiencing weather akin to the summer season. July's almost ending, but still, rains are rare. If you have noticed rain this past two days, its actually because of cloud seeding.
I am not paranoid by nature, but the warnings are there: black outs, the heat, low water supply in dams, urban fires...My god, whats wrong with the world?!?
They're saying its the global warming, and it may be the el niño phenomenon. I hope that wouldn't happen. I'm scared..I hope I can contribute somehow, by doing these:
1. i won't use too much electricity when I'm home. (the news was saying save electricity during 10am-2pm)
2. same as water. save water.
3. smoke less. haha, maybe it adds to the pollution.