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I'm sad.

Yesterday I spent the whole day reading book 7, and when I was nearing the end, I can't help but cry. Harry potter is finished. No more hogwarts, no more spells, no more wondering who are death eaters, no more what will happen to harry.

Wala lang. It's just seemed that it became a sort of tradition for me to read harry potter every june/july. Now that 'tradition' is broken. What will I expect next year? Oh right, the movie. But reading is an entirely different experience. Its like i'm part of harry's growing up years, and now that he's matured, thats it. bye.

Maybe the fanfiction will come out with their own continuation of harry's life story. I won't mind if it wasn't about harry, as long as it continues the same tone and story line j.k. rowling did.

But I'm still sad. huhuhu.


ced said...

actually, jk rowling felt the same thing when she finished the book. she felt sad, but at the same time, she felt happy for doing such a mean feat. anyway, i'm just sharing. not an hp fan here. haha. but i read somewhere that japan has already come up with a fanfic manga of hp. you might be disappointed to see your favorite hero drawn in anime. hehe.

atomicgirl said...

cess, i'm not going to buy HP7 now. i think i'd rather collect all 7 before i start up reading (and re-reading). hehe.

deegee said...

Ced, Thanks for the dropping by! wow, if they're going to make a manga out of it, thats a good news! maybe it will be better than the movies. haha

>ced said...

Actually, they already did. Here's the url where I got hold of the news featuring fanfic and plain knockoffs: Anyway, I'm linking you up to my personal blog. :)