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just another day

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Its just another day at work..i haven't been here long yet (just 3 weeks!) and already im getting the hang of things..meaning im getting bored. hahaha!
what happens on a typical day?
i get up at 11am
i watch tv/play a pc game/watch dvd until 1230
i take a bath get ready by 1250
i leave home and ride a trike
then i wait for a skyblue car to pick me up
off to work by 120
im in the office by 150 i log in and then take my first break haha
after wards i answer messages after messages of horny fat american dicks
take breaks in between
by 1005 im downstairs waiting for the ride home
when i get home i play titan quest/watch dvd
i sleep by 3.
and there goes another cycle..........