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that sucks

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It rained hard apartments flooded. good thing my housemate was there to clean up. :)
We really need to find a new place soon. Wait, ive said that a dozen times already but after 5 years im still living in the same house. Most of my friends who lived with us have left.. Ive been through college and three jobs and this is still my dilemma.
What do i like most about KNL?
1. accessible. - even with my new job i just have to ride a trike and wait for an officemate to pick me up.
2. open 24 hours - even if i go home at wee hours im pretty sure i wont be mugged or something.
3. convenience - there is a 24 hrs store i can buy things i need, there are canteens i can buy food from and theres laundry shop near our house as well
4. neighbors - they know me already and they really help when we need it.
5. familiarity - i can go home in the dark
6. memories - maybe this is the most important reason i cant leave.


ced said...

I also have fond memories of KNL aside from Sarah's. I've been meaning to walk there again just because, even if there's no more reason for me to go there. Oh well. :)