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jeggae moon

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I had a very busy night last night..My friends from college rhia,allan, terns and ikang went to xymaca to catch brownman revival. I had so much fun listening to dino doing reggae and catching up with them. We also had a free consultation session with rhia's friend marlon who happens to be doctor..
After 3 bottles and lots of dancing I had the nerve to come up to Dino to ask for a picture and I also asked him if i they really are going over to Canada. I was thinking of asking him to greet my boyfriend harvey in their concert there..
I I went home with allan and we had a really really long talk..I barely slept (3 hours i guess) and when was about to take a bath there wasn't a drop of water! hayyy life.
I went home to work without taking a bath or doing 'number 2' hehe..


atomicgirl said...

yeyeye! lumabas sila. saturday afternoon, andiyan na ako. ano sked ng work mo?