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Ich mochte Mickey zum PBB gewinnen.Bitte wählen MICKEY leute!

Hehe..Just practicing my rusty German. I was just saying please vote for mickey, i want him to win.
I'm so addicted to watching PBB that I don't join my officemates in their drinking session, instead I go home directly and hope that I will be able to watch PBB. Though most of the times I can't I still watch PBB uplate. Mariel is really wacky and funny (at times.)
Although I watch, I don't like texting my vote in because I do believe that all of this reality show crap is scripted. I just watch it for the sake of watching, for entertainment. I feel sad that it's almost over again.


sanax said...

I think that's totally selfish of you to tell others to vote and yourself for Mickey..if you don't believe in texting your votes in, why bother letting others do it? Please just text for Mickey. He deserves it.

deegee said...

wahahaha! ur right im selfish..i tried voting before but its not worth my 15 bucks hehe