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self diagnosis

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they say writing is therapeutic. it helps one find answers. ah, i wish it is true for me. but i am not a really good writer, i don't think i express myself well.

hmmm... what to write about today? i can't think of a topic. ok i won't have a topic instead. i'll just write whatever comes to my mind then.

what's on my mind anyway? i really don't know. i'm a scatterbrain. i have a problem staying in one topic. i cannot finish anything completely unless it's required. when i watch a movie, i can only finish it if i'm watching it with someone. or when i'm in the theater. i tried challenging myself to finish a movie. and hey, i did finish movies, but not in one sitting. it's the Matrix trilogy. yeah, the movie's great, but still can't watch it in one go.

now i want to stop writing about it. i'm bored. is this a sign that i have adhd?