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may 13, 2009

what was so special about this day?

a year ago, harvey came home to manila after 3 years of living in canada. i can remember that day like it happened yesterday.

it was a planned vacation, but that day i still had work. harvey arrived the day before, but we decided to meet the day after he landed. so there, i was at work and i was nervous excited giddy and apprehensive all at the same time. i told my everyone about it, so they were kind enough to give me half day.

we agreed to meet at gateway. i arrived early, since it was just a few steps away from work. while i was retouching in the restroom he called and said he's already there. so i run as fast as i could towards where he was while still talking to him on the phone. he said he couldn't see me. i saw him first. i was happy.

we hugged. stared at each other for a long while. kissed. teased each other.hugged again. then i asked him to pinch me just to make sure i wasn't dreaming. it hurt, so i wasn't. we bantered, made a few jokes, laughed. it was like what it was before he left.

fuck why am i tearing up while writing this? oh well. i don't think i can continue writing. i'm not sure if i miss him as a person, or i just miss the thought that we used to be that close. maybe it's because i didn't see the changes in him because i was just so happy to see him.

i am confused. or maybe because i just had 2 bottles of beer and that's why my tears fall easily? i really don't know. frick. i hate this. i should get some sleep instead.