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here's something i wanna dump here before i completely erase from my yahoo account (which by the way i have to change passwords in fear of someone who knows my it will go delete it himself):

kapal ng mukha kung makapagsinungaling. until the end. what an asshole.

anyway. i'm trying to let go of all negativity in my life and i'm going off the radar for a while.

i'll keep this blog to remind me how NOT to trust another person completely.

to YOU, who visited this blog (from Edmonton, using a Mozilla Firefox browser, stentor national integrated communications network DSL connection) 5 times since May, I wish you the best of luck. you'll need it when Karma comes knocking on harvey's door.

And if you know the guy you keep typing on that google search box of yours*, say hi to him for me. and yes i still want someone to slap him really hard. and then, maybe then, i'll stop putting his name on my blog. =รพ

after all, i didn't put this on the web for him or anyone else to read off of, i just need to take away some of the pain he caused.

i wasn't miserable these past few months, but i wasn't completely happy either. it was hard for me to trust anyone, and I did trust harvey. being betrayed the way he did to me is by far the worst thing i have experienced. that part is hard to get over. having loved and lost? tsk, i'm fine with that.